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Free hack Ping Pong Star cheats code list - energy (AP), equipment, gold, promo ticket, summon, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Ping Pong Star cheat world: welcome to new android game. Let’s quickly loosen up a little before we enter the league. You start game by serving. Press the screen to serve the ball. You can hit the ball by pressing the screen on the side of the ball. You can also hit the ball by pressing the guide. YOu’ll get higher judgment when you hit the ball more accurately.

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The best judgment is perfect judgment! Fail means you missed the ball, set is over. Let’s try to change the ball speed and direction. Hold down longer to hit the ball faster and drag to change direction. You can use the chance gauge to use a skill. You can also change the ball speed and direction for a skill. Excellent, you are learning fast. It seems like you can enter the league right now.

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You need good equipment to succeed in the league. Equipment can be purchased from the shop. We got a new racket. Let’s equip it. Racket can be equipped in manage team menu. Now you are all ready to challenge the league. Matching screen - you can see the opponent players before you enter the league. Enemy power - this section will show the opponent team’s details.

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Stay alert now! You will now play against an opponent who uses powerful skill. Press the screen to serve the ball. Opponent used the leader skill! You can’t block it with normal return. I usually block the leader skill with continuous taps on the button.

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