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Pirate Legend cheat world: ahoy matey! Ready to take the rudder and hoist the black flag? Become a daring pirate, build custom corsairs, assemble your crew armed to the teeth, attack with your cutthroad cannon. Boom! Rule the ocean now!
Character: Lemuel - a born adventurer who has a clearcut stand on love and hate and attatches great importance to trust. He fully deserves the rank of Captain because of his incredible wisdom. Beulah - she proves that women are not weaker than men. Bold and calculating, she can always change a dangerous situation into a peaceful one.

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Captain, we can't let Cap'n Fokke get away like that! We'll need to rebuild our ship and take revenge on that good for nothing scurvy dog! First, let's enter the cabins. Mind yer head! We're in the middle of upgrading them. Our ship's divided into three parts: the upper deck has the military cabins, middle deck has our trade cabins and the lower deck is occupied by the leisure cabins. Let's start by building a command room. There are 7 types of military cabins. Each one can add an extra kick to your stats: attack, HP, defense, SPD.Now that we've got a military cabin, we'll need some trade and leisure ones for extra gold too. Let's try building a library.

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Trade n' Leisure cabins can keep gold for 12 hours, so make sure you keen an eye on them. Travels - from this panel we can direct our ship into all kinds o' battles. Upgrading the command room raises attack. Upgrading other cabins will also help upgrade your other stats. Skills are unlocked by hiring more sailors. They can be found in the pub. Tap to buy expert manuals and get an extra sailor or sailor token. Each sailor has a special skill. You gotta have the right sailors to unlock the skills you want.

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Upgrading military cabins is a good way of upgrading stats. Upgrading the command room will increase our attack stats! That's great, but we'll get even better stats by upgrading it more. Construction that takes less than 5 minutes can be speed up for free. leveling up and training sailors is another way to get better stats. You'll need basic or expert sailor manuals to level up your sailors. Remember, a sailor's level can't exceed the captain's level. A sailor's training affects their rating. Sailors with more stars have better skills and stats.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: by building better ships, you can increase your overall stats. Don't forget about our main quest captain. Military cabins can be rebuilt, but you can't rebuild trade and leisure cabins. Complete quests to get your hans on extra loot. Only guild masters and officers can enroll a guild in the guild wars. Signing up costs 800000 gold. Treasure maps can be found at: treasure hunts, fishing, bargain shop, elite travels, and in yet gift box. If you change your mind about entering the guild wars, your gold will be returned yo you as a pack. Artifacts add to your ship stats. Enhance them to get better stat bonuses.

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