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Free hack Pirate Sails cheats code list - speed up, elite crates, skill points, promo ticket, resources, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Pirate Sails cheat world: my captain, it is time to take charge of this settlement and have it restored to its former glory! No one but you can do that! The storyline mode will lead you through the basic stages. Complete quests and develop your isle and the entire archipelago. In the hard times following the cataclysm, you will have to restore your settlement’s infrastructure, ensure a steady influx of resources, and establish trade. Increase your settlement’s well being by restoring resource production.

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Your isle consists of an administrative area and a resource area. First, let us build a farm to start producing food for your team. Wood is the second basic resource in the archipelago. You need wood to build ships and piers, barrels for rum, and many other things. The wood your settlement needs is processed at the sawmill. The higher the sawmill’s level, the more wood it produces. Build a mine and a quarry to produce iron and stone - these resources are your next priority. You need iton to craft sabers and hand cannons for your units, and stone to build a fort and make cannon balls. You also need to stockpile food in case of war.

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YOu can upgrade the farm to increase its efficiency, food production speed, and food capacity. To successfully develop your island and the archipelago you need to continuously research new technologies which will be used for the good of the pirate cause. A captain open to all things new will be wise and successful. To construct more advanced buildings, you need to complete research in the observatory. All of the knowledge accumulated by generations of researches and travelers is gathered here.

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