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. Android game Pirate chronicle cheat hack code - worker speed, repair speed up, unlimited resources, wood, food, stone, iron, download free game, unlock special edition (New York, Unated state).

I came to these seas in search of adventure, treasure and glory. And I foud all of it, and more... our cap'n a true sea dog and a beautiful lass to boot. Sail ho! Some booty coming right our way. Quartermaster, raise the Jolly Roger and prepare all hands for boarding. Together we robbed the greedy, cheating merchants. And sank the vile slave traders. Until we crossed paths with the Black armada and its commander, Edmund Rich – the terror of the high seas, merciless pirate known as the Black king. Our ship had too few cannons to win the battle, and it was not fast enough to outrun the Black king. We didn't stand a chance! We can use the natural resources of the island to repair our cannons and we can complete different renovations here to improve our position in the archipelago. Cannon fire will keep the pirate ships at a distance! Time and tide wait for no man! Let's get to work!

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Pirate chronicle – hack codes
Watch the timer! Complete all the quests before time runs out. Tap menu button if you want to return to the menu. Tap on a damaged cannon to fix it. You need more wood to fix the second cannon. Tap on a palm tree to chop it down. Using wealth from the islands we can fortify our shelters and increase our power. Collect treasures to increase your rewards. A bigger camp can have more workers. Tap on a camp to upgrade it. A cook's hut produces food. Shipyards provide boats to sail across the water. Islands have specific landing areas for boats. Collect wood from the flotsam and jetsam on the water.

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Pirate chronicle –  cheats secret bug
Workers live in camps. Build cannons on special platforms. Cut down palm trees to gather wood. Get food from berry bushes. Berries regrow after you gather them. Lumber mills produce wood. Clear fallen plam trees to gather extra wood. Hack unlock get these awesome features: 4 outstanding islands with 44 exciting levels; 4 unique mini games; meet new friends on a voyage across the slaty seas; save your beloved from the clutches of the evil pirate king. The collector's edition get all the features of the full version plus: 12 extra levels; 5 gorgeous wallpapers; a chance to defeat the black armada once and for all.

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1. FTEZiIMmv6 – worker speed
2. chNwc4FII2 – repair speed up
3. eNTj0HYpUQ – inlimited resources (wood, stone, food, iron)
4. YVZQYVswnI – downlad free game
5. KKUhg19nym – unlock special edition

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