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Free hack Pirates Battle Ocean cheats code list - gold, level up, star up, promo ticket, premium ship, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Pirates Battle Ocean cheat world: set the direction of the ship with the lower left key, and move the ship out of the sea by pressing the ship's right speed movement button. Touch the screen and drag it to the right. A basic ship ATK is possible in either left or right sight direction and can ATK all directions depending on the cannon. Press the shot button to fire the currently selected cannon.

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You can change the view by pressing the upper right view icon. Touch the screen to ATK the enemy ship on the left and drag it to the left. The enemy ship is nearby? Change the shot to the shotgun in slot 2. The enemy ship approached the rear. Press the eye icon again to change to a wider field of view. To ATK the enemy in the rear, change the launch cannon to the tracking bullet in slot 3.

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HP can battle a close combat against an enemy ship that has fallen below 50%. Touch the H2H combat button in the center of the screen. You can gain more experience than you can win a naval battle when you win a H2H combat. Players who have done the most damage during golden ship defeat will receive first prize. You can complete the quest directly from village screen.

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In the PvP region, all players except the same pirates group, are considered enemies. Access time compensation is continuously availabel every 10 minutes. All three types of cannon bullet slots can be equipped with the same ATk range ( penetration cannon bullet). Manual and auto mode: manual battle - all operations are performed by user. Increases ATK power, increases obtain in gold, gem, experience. Turn on\off the automatic use bracer. Automatic battle - on\off is possible with auto button. All moves, ATKs, and use of bracer are automatic.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Touching any location in the sea map moves the ship to that location. Automatic combat is released when moving arbitrary positions. Buying a hero's skin increases the skin's effect and the wearing effect. A h2h combat can be attempted in close proximity if the opponent's ship HP is less than 50%. Automated combat system in convenient, but not as smart as a user.
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Tutorial Pirates Battle Ocean(wiki): Can break the item by selecting batch select from the item menu. Transtone can be get when items are broke. You can purchase a trophy box at the pirate coin shop by pirate coin. YOu can select the channel menu at the top of the screen to move to another channel.
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