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Free hack Pixel Knights cheats code list - gold, artifact, weapon, promo ticket, resources, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Pixel Knights cheat world: the once peaceful Camelot castle...Your majesty! A have big news. There are eyewitness reports of the holy Grail from across the realm! The time has come! We must find the Holy Grail now! Pixel Knights attack Normal attack - direction control. Charge attack - press and hold with level positioned in middle.Pixel Knights time - time left until apocalypse.

Pixel Knights hack

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Take out 3 wave(s) ti clear the stage! Apocalypse begins after 5:00! Clear before the gates of hell open! Equipment grade: an equipment has 6 levels of rarity. Rarity is indicated with white, green, blue, purple, pink, gold border. Higher rarity equipment has higher performance stats.Pixel Knights Equipment grade

Pixel Knights cheats android, ios hack codes

Pixel Knights hack relics
  • Guinevere Pixel Knights Guinevere - normal: 3 way shot. Charge - rapid shot: rapid arrow shots. Passive - Temperance reduces charge time by 3% per level.
  • Lancelot Pixel Knights Lancelot - normal: energy sword. Charge: shield rush - a shield attack that pushes back enemies. Passive: during shield rush, barrier recovers in proportion to the lovers Lv.
  • Galahad Pixel Knights Galahad - normal: impaling lance. Charge - lance charge - a charge attack that impales enemies. Passive - reduce damage received during lance charge by 50%.
  • Morder Pixel Knights Morder - normal: impaling shot. Charge: power shot powerful shots that push back enemies. Passive: mark attack leaves a mark on a hit target and adds cumulative damage on the 4th consecutive attack.

Pixel Knights wiki
  • Gawain Pixel Knights Gawain - normal: two consecutive axe throws. Charge: tornado - character spins rapidly to attack enemies. Passive: attack damage and critical rate increase as HP decreases.
    Dropped items: monsters drop all kinds of items when they die. make good use of these items and they will be a great help to you in battle.
  • Pixel Knights recovers HP- recovers HP by 50%.
  • Pixel Knights increases attack damage - increases attack damage by 50% (20 seconds).
  • Pixel Knights increases attack speed - increases attack speed
  • Pixel Knights increases moving speed - increases moving speed.
  • Pixel Knights makes you invincible - makes you invincible

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • By holdings down the attack icon on the right part of the screen, the character's the unique skill can be charged. Aim and release it to use the skill.
  • Equipment shop: higher grade equipment has better performance. Grade is indicated with star and number on the top-left side of the icon. You can buy higher grade equipment when you upgrade the weapon and armor shop.Pixel Knights Equipment shop

Pixel Knights tips
    Tutorial Pixel Knights(wiki):
  • You can use Holy grail pieces from the holy battlefield and permanently upgrade your heroes through holy blessing. Holy grail pieces
  • Equipment has various options. Select the option strategically based on your play style.Pixel Knights Equipment has various options
  • You can adjust the touchpad's size by changing the controller in the settings menu.
  • Traps have various effects over a wide range. Traps can’t be absorbed with item absorb from far away.

Pixel Knights tutorial

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  • 1. fpIuFDfmh4ZlCBU - boost up
  • 2. NlnWR954Hv79HdC - artifact
  • 3. fLhRS5gRtDOUjmo - resources
  • 4. EItjX0MwyzjJFhP - promo code
  • 5. E5neyGtJM7BlkmH - gold
  • 6. sNXoV4dmyeJwZem - weapon
  • 7. j3to1SUrsJ72NkQ - gem crystal (diamonds)
  • 8. t9hXqCzsJy0zE2Q - premium pack
  • 9. Acvy6ixlw8zZ3Ob - chest
  • 10. Zh369nMRcTBUls0 - vip ticket

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