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Cheat Pixel Survival Game 2.o hack android, ios code

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Hack Pixel Survival Game 2.o: cheat List
unlock characters - use hack MRG2Hrzsi
gems x4,000 - enter pass bJ6t857JY
increase stats - EufO81vdj
coins x10,000 - Z0FITaWVx
restore health - t26eGlUi1
unlimited stamina - 11fhokCcN
Month Card x1 code - FYA2UMajy
upgrade cheat - p6rU3eHp4
daily gift bag x10 - rpCdw9IhQ
secret combination - fqpXceVqD
level up - QU8T0ykE1
pet - DOwPRIfuL
materials - WCHHSlgjs
premium box - qmSFU9RQh
special reward - ZMQQJizc5
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Game Story
I'll be teaching you how to play. Inventory can be accessed by selecting the BAG icon. Equipment can be equipped by dragging the item from your inventory to the corresponding equipment slot. The first row of slots are your hot key slots. Weapons and items can be used from the hot keys. Combinations cna be accessed by selecting the combination icon. Drag items into the 3 combo slots to combine the items. Chance is involved in combinations. Certain recipes requires it's combination book.
Pixel Survival Game 2.o Hack Basics
Discover new recipes by trying out different item combinations. If a recipe exist, "?" will be visible. Use the interact button to interact with nearby NPC or object. Venture to different regions and harvest their unique resources, acquire unique loot from monsters and fight the region boss. Survival zone - unique mode where you must survive the night with wave after wave of monster attacks. Construct buildings and traps to succeed. The teleport will be disabled after the 3rd day.
Hint & Tips
1. Interact with the NPC you wish to trade with. Inside the trade window, select the item you wish to buy or sell. Adjust the quantity of the selected item and hit the check mark to confirm.
2. Some equipment cna be disenchanted for rare materials. These materials may be used to upgrade your equipment, craft and quests.
3. You can buy other player's item by interacting with their trading shelf. Trading requires VIP. It is obtainable from the shop, lucky spin, quest, bounties, and or monster loot.
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Pixel Survival Game 2.o Redeem gift code
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Released BySolarios
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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date10 October 2020
Last Modified10 October 2020
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