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Pixel Tournament cheat world: welcome to the world of pokemons. Battle side by side with your characters. Receive gold and EXp whether you're on or offline. Remember to come back to claim your rewards. Follow my guide to continue the game. Get a free pokemon from the free daily advanced gashapon draw. Draw x 10 will guarantees a orange or higher quality pokemon, also you will get gold omnipotent shard x 5 as well too.

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Pokemon battle - your hero looks energetic, next, let me teach you how to attack. Enemy - there can be a max of 6 enemy pokemons at once with 18 different types. Character's action order overy round is based on their speed value, the higher their speed, the earlier they take action. Weather system - there are 6 different types of weathers in thepokemon world. Heroes of the same type as the weather will receive a 10% increased damage in battle.

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Bottom are your pokemon's skills, every skill costs SP to use. The stronger the skill, the more SP it costs per use. After selecting a skill, a colored arrow will appear on top of the heads of enemy pokemons. Green means effective, yellow - normal, red - not effective. IDLE pool - respectively gold, pokemon, and legendary items. It will accumulate even when you're offline, do remember to come back and claim them.

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Skills are separatedunto special attack and physical attack, affected by a pokemon's SP. ATK damage and Phy. ATK damage. Complete quests to raise your activity and then collect chest rewards. When you're in obvious power advantage, you can switch to auto battle. If you feel that battles are too slow, you can increaseup to 2x the normal speed.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:tap evolve to see the pokemon change. Pet: bulbasaur - also known as the incredible flower, it's a frog with a plant on its back. even today, no one knows whether it's a plant or animal.Squirtle - trouble marker by nature, very good at using its water cannon. Squirtle has a very sturdy shell, not even a roaddroller can put a scratch on it. Charmander - sice birth, charmanders have an ember burning at the tip of its tail. When the flame goes out, it signifiesthe death of charmander.

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Tutorial Pixel Tournament (wiki): tap the Go or claim button to complete the quest or claim rewards. Tap train to start the pokemon in the formation. All players can get Vip experience on the first hack day. Upgrade vip level and obtain free gifts. Hack monthly card - idle gold and PM exp increased by 20% for 30 days. Can overlap with lifetime card. Month card does not count towards first charge.

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