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Auto potion can be toggled on or off from the options menu. Once it is on, your character will consume red potions once your HP is below the defined percentage. You will automatically leave first island when you reach level 12. You can also talk to me to leave earlier if you think you are ready. You can track individual quests from the quest menu: ! - available quest; ? -hand in quest.

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Using teleport home scroll will return you to the nearest town. There are some in your inventory that will take you back here when used! You should use it when a quest objective is completed so you don’t have to walk back. If you run out, you can always buy from the shop. When you see ! above NPC’s head, it is a quest! Come talk to me for my quests!

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The prcish numbers have been reduced, but it appears greater evil lurks. Some orcs have decayed into zombies. Please slay them! They are found on the eastern side of training island.
Warrior - sophisticated and vigorous, capable of sustaining intensive disturbance.
Wizard - acquainted with legendary magic from the gods.
Assassin - extraordinary and agile, capable of performing tremendous damage.
Archer - champion of range combat, decadent of the high elves.
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Items can be equipped or used by double tapping them from the inventory menu. Strength affects melee hit strength, carrying capacity and your melee chance to hit.
Guild leaders may declare siege during siege times. To declare siege, the guild must have enough war efforts. Guild leaders that claim the castle crown will be temporary owners. The clan that owns the castle at the end of siege is declared castle owner. Defending guild must protect crown from enemy leaders to prevent losing castle. There is not PK penalty between sieging guilds.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Gameplay steps, Key Features:
  • You can reset your talent points with a relearning scroll, purchased from any tavern.
    Open your spell book with R or by pressing the button for it on the right side of your screen. Equip the summon familiar spell to your horbar by dragging it to a hotbar slot. Cast the spell by pressing the indicated hotkey.
  • To craft your potion recipe, equip the clippers i save you and equip the extract spell from your spell book. Find a forest mushroom on the island and cast extract on it. Your spells will always be cast towards your cursor.
  • You can equip consumables such as the mini health potion to your horbar as well as spells.

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Registration will begin 5 minutes prior to arena start time. Replenishments will be awarded for completing every round. Boss(s) will spawn in the final 4th round. Players have 3 minutes to defeat the boss(s) during the final round. There is no death penalty in the arena.
When you attack with a builder spell, you senerate combat resources (shown in the bottom left of your screen). Resources are spent with stronger spender spells.
Pixel Knights Online 2D tutorial

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