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PixelBlocks block puzzle redeem codes

Our world is cursed by the devil, time stands still, and darkness shrouded the whole island. You are the only one who can rescue us! To enter an area on the island, you have to use a time card. The time card to the next area is hidden in the previous area. I only found the time card for the first area. Take it with you to rescue the area and bring the whole island back to life.

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hack, Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): Click the block and use a star to unlock the seal. When there are not enough stars, try to get more by completing levels. You need to collect magic materials in the level. Eliminate blocks and collect all the magic materials to pass the level. Every time you eliminate a row or column, you will get coins rewards. The more rows or columns you eliminate at the same time, the more coins you will get.
cheat, Step #2: A villager was petrified by the devil. To rescue him, you need to collect magic materials. Click to see what magic materials you need to collect to rescue him. After finding the petrified objects, you can check how to rescue them in the backpack. The training ground - where you can get more free coins and props to help you pass the level.
PixelBlocks block puzzle code, Step #3: When all 3 blocks are placed into the board, it will automatically refresh a group of blocks. Now only one block can be placed into the board, and there is no room for the other two blocks, you will fail this level. Take advantage of props can help you pass the level. Use refresh props to refresh a group of blocks. Hammer - to break any type of blocks. The broken blocks cannot be collected.
Step #4: Use spin props to spin any block. The difficulty is increasing with the levels, scenery on the islands are various. You can compete with global players for the top place in the ranking!

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