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For some unknown reason, a deadly virus storm suddenly hit the mainland. The world is almost wiped out. A very small number of people who survived became survivors. At the same time, they were also burdened with an unfortunate fate. The fear of the unknown is eating away at their hope for survival every moment. After survived half a year in panic. Just when this candle like hope is about to be extinguished. A yellow newspaper turned the tide.

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This newspaper seems to have been going on for some time, and many words can’t be read clearly. It should be said that the plague has subsided and we can return to the surface. It also says something about the newly developed anti infected drug X-DNA. The newspaper says that supplies can be detected through the detector. We can continue our lives! Charles he ran out of the basement excitedly. We don’t know what the post disaster world is like, but at least now we can start a new life! Let’s light up the sign of the hotel first, and we will depend on this hotel for the rest of our life. This is our foundation and a new beginning.

Plague Days cheats, hack codes

Basics: unlock the quest room - there is some water in that room. Work will cost water. Clean out the garage, then the pickup can drive though. Send any character go to the map. Gather material box and other resource as much as possible. Painkillers drop from defeated enemy can restore your HP. Transfer your items to the pickup if you are overloaded. Leave the scene from your pickup, when you are satisfied with your bonus. Use the virtual analog to move, follow the green arrow to find supply crate.
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Click the search button and check the crates for any resources. Click the find exit button under the minimap if you want to leave the area. Old Engine contains useful materials - use crusher to crush it. Make a new one engine - with that ,we can build a pump. There are enemy units in area, be careful while exploring.

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