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Basics: iron ore plants need fuel to run! Iron is our main export. I’ve left some hints in the construction guide book that will help you when you feel lost. If you complete the three tasks in the manual, you will be richly rewarded. But remember, figuring out how to develop your city best is up to you.

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Airport - this is the key to trade and transportation, the more perfect the better. Planes will be able to land at our airports in the future. We need to buy our first plane. Let’s go to the airplane mall. Now we can open our trade route, let’s see which city is the first to establish trade agreement with us? Fasten your seat belt and start our first flight.

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Our world map - here you can see the landscape around our city now! We are on our way to Pfaffikon. Their financial industry is very developed. After a minute, we will return to the city of Nitolas.
The first cargo is safely in the city. But there is no time to rest, mayor. Let’s send your airplane off to the next voyage!
Plane City wiki
Mayors tasklist - now it is up to you to develop the city. Our iron ore factory workers are already overloaded. We need to upgrade the iron ore plant, hire more workers, increase the labor force to improve our production efficiency.
Diamonds are an extremely rare minerals and can also be used as money. It can buy premium aircraft or speed up.

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  • Buy a new wood worker - increase your cutting ability.
  • We have a new continent on front of us - explore it.
  • Send a airplane from your harbor to collect money form destination.
  • We have a problem, to reach some destination you need a larger pilot than your airplane can accommodate. If you can't upgrade your plane, we'll have to use another plane to get to our destination.
  • Do you see the government building? This is the most important building in the city of Nitolas. If you don't upgrade it, you won't be able to upgrade your building.

Plane City tips
Hack cheats tutorial Plane City(wiki): Get money by sending airplanes to money destinations on the map. You will need them to buy and upgrade airplanes and buildings.
You have just sent the airplane to the docks and freed one spot in your fleet. If you want to use this airplane again, you can find her in your airplanes and put her into active service.
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