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Free hack Planet Hunter cheats code list - titan stone, speed up, elite summon, promo ticket, skill, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Planet Hunter cheat world: are you cheater? You look quite eager, but let me make sure! Hmm, i don't think you would cheat. So, that concludes the inspection! let me tell you of the trials one must pass to join. Due to the increased number of monster incidents, there haven't been enough recruits for the adventurer's guild. So Edem team has been accepted as an official fighting group. which means the selection process is now more challenging. But don't be too worried! In order to help everyone better complete the test, we provide new and unique equipment for adventureres. That's pretty good treatmen.

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Remember: you may be asked to take on all sorts of quests after becoming an adventrer. SOme of these might be extremely dangerous. You can't zone out, expecially when fighting monsters. The daily tasks of an adventurer include exploring the world, while also dealing with all sorts of sudden events and completing a variety of quests.

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15th June 3020, there are so many tiny planets in the galaxy. humans begin to use artifical satellite to discover these planets, so many special stars are discover on. We call it Titan stone, Titan stone can be used for researching new energy or making new weapon. Some deiscovery spaceship are sent, but until now no one come back. Cheat-on is a member that has joined to this revolution, let's see what's going on.

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Instructions: let's find a landing place. use left analog to move, right - to shoot. HP bar is very impotant and show how strong you are, don't let enemies get close to you if you don't want to run out. Collect all titan stone that you see, titan stone use to upgrade your weapons. You can switch to another gun, click on the gun icon to change.

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