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Choose the ship to enter the battle! Predator – the main battle frigate of the aspiring mercenaries. It has only one slot for guns and rockets. Hammedrhead – heavy frigate. It has a good armor and two slots for weapons. Also, there are one slot for the missiles. Suitable for the purposes of target engagement at close. Starmaster – heavy artillery frigate. It has two slot for missiles and the only on for the gun. Also, there are small hull guns. It is recommended to bombard targets using missiles and keep them at a distance. You can always buy a new ship for your squad. The squad can be a maximum of 5 ships.

Planet Commander cheats android, ios hack codes

Planet Commander –  hack codes
Raider – missile frigate. It does not have slots for guns, but it has all 3 slots for rockets. Vanguard – heavy destroyer. It is extremely dangerous to the enemy at any distance. Integrated hull guns. And the built in bow gun will lead a merry dance to any enemy captain during the battle. Cruiser – heavy and slow ship. It has a large margin of safety, in addition to the combat power, it has airborne plasma cannons and automatic fire barrier systems. Arbiter – light cruiser. It has a large margin of safety. Monarch – offensive battleship, it has the thickest armor among all the battleships. Very slow, it has fire barrier system installed, and a heavy bow gun. Can be equipped with super heavy weapons. If you are using a ship of the destroyer class, equip it with the torpedoes. One such torpedo can disable an entire cruiser. However, they are useless against fast targets.

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Planet Commander –  cheats secret bug
Medium anti aircraft gun – it shoots small projectiles. Could not avail against the onslaught of the enemy? It is necessary to improve and re-equip your fleet. Help developers to improve the cheat game by leaving the comments about it in the hack game store. Be sure to upgrade your ship. This will allow you to get more bonuses to all characteristics, including the damage dealt. To make improvements go to ships inventory – improvements. If you are using a cruiser, turn broadside during the target engagement. By doing so you will activate additional ship's hull guns that increase the firepower. If you are using a ship of the frigate class, always move and don't forget to use special modules in time. Frigates are the tactical ships that are able to quickly seize the checkpoints.

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1. TJFr1IvezO – spare parts
2. 8j5QyfYPBY – open slot
3. CIEGoSYGKQ - upgrade
4. MsaukpwPJq - gold
5. oQrvt91hiD - crystals
6. n30T2pBqb3 – free kits
7. NsRq67Io63 - ships
8. NznlA3qrLp - badges
9. 9nqxuzo7o7 – promo code

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