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Career - embark on a career in zoo management. Complete varied and increasingly challenging scenarios and see how far you can go! As you know i own several zoos, but i always like to show people the ropes here at my home. This is the first zoo i ever opened and a source of great pride for me, and prides, thanks to a lion breeding programme we ran in the eighties. But, we’ve in the middle of a big renovation and that’s where you come in. Sadly, our old contractor had to retire after developing a fur allergy. Poor devil kept sneezing his dentures into the lion habitat, so it’s up to you to finish everything off.
Don’t worry, though - i’m not completely throwing you in at the deep end. My head keeper, Nancy Jones, will be lending a helping hand,. She’s a hard worker, and she’ll expect you to be, too.


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Good. Now, i hope you’re ready to ditch your diploma because we’re about to get really hands-on. But before we begin the real work, how about we familiarise you with the zoo by learning how to fly around it, use cheat code and visiting some of our beautiful animals? We’ll start by popping over and having a look see at the grizzly bears in their habitat. Select one of the bears and you’ll bring up its information panel. You can also get this view of an animal by simply double clicking on it.
To adopt animals we need to open the animal market, which is in the animal trading section. A pair of perfectly splendid warthogs for our zoo. Just click on the and select “hack” from the side menu. When you adopt character, it’s automatically placed in the trade centre, where they’re held until you’re ready to move them into their habitat.

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You see, each animal in the zoo has a overall welfare statistic - basically how happy they are. And that overall welfare statistic is itself comprised of four different areas: nutrition, social health, habitat and enrichment. Enrichment - items are only partially covering the animal’s needs. Habitat - environmental welfare it good. Luckily, if you select an unit, you’ll bring up their welfare information panel, where you can see how they’re doing, that way you’ll know exactly what areas need to be adressed. Don’t worry if that’s a lot to remember, you can always use cheat codes or check the Zoopedia for more information.
First we’ll need to place a food and drinking station. Animals also require stimulation to keep them happy. Let’s add a lovely mud bath for the warthogs to roll around in. That bath will count towards their enrichment welfare, specifically their toy enrichment welfare.
Every habitat needs a habitat gate - after all, how else would the keepers get in and out? Just make sure it’s hooked up to the path so the keepers can reach it. Right, let’s complete the perimeter barrier so we can adopt us some ostriches. Remember, before you can place animals in any habitat, it has to have a full loop of connected barrier. Now, you’ve probably noticed that quests can’t actually see into this habitat at the moment. At least, not without a stepladder. But seeing as they’re banned., i’d like you to select a piece of barrier and swap out the brick for a glass barrier so the quests can see in. Use cheats code and adding in more windows gives quests even more opportunities to see the animals in the habitat. It’s always best to make sure that quests can get a good view into a habitat from the path they’re walking on, because it makes them happy. And because this would be a pretty terrible zoo if they couldn’t

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