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Good new, i've stabilized life support and sealed the fuel rupture. Bad news, it's not going to last and we have no fuel. Hold on, I am picking up a terran d-class mining complex. It's our only shot. Looks abandoned. I should be able to hack in and restart the power grid like that. This is colonel Riggs. Terran army, responding to an unauthorized power activation identify yourself now. Let's arm some space marines and take the fight to enemy. Scanners indicate this outpost is heavily fortified. I hope you know what you're getting into. Tap on the drop zone to deploy units. Select beacon to redirect units.

Planetstorm cheats android, ios hack codes

Planetstorm –  hack codes

terrans already repaired our ship, but they had no fuel cells to spare. With the war raging, we need to choose a side. The raw power of the terrans or the superior technology of the Alterians? Alterians – genetically enhanced warriors. Alterians rely on scientific progress to achieve battle superiority. Terrans – resourceful and strong willed. Terrans conquered their place in space bleeding iron, gears, and etc. We'll need a stronger strike team soon. Let's build another landing (staging area for battle ready units) pad and arm some units. The galaxy is a dangerous place. Scavengers, terrans, and even alterians will try to stop us at every turn. Time to build up our base.

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Planetstorm –  cheats secret bug
Plasma cannon can do some serious damage to our heavy units. Keep it busy with infantry. Earn medals by defeating enemies and taking over space mines. Space scanner – explore more of the galaxy. Research lab – upgrades your army and abilities. Factory – unlocks upgrades of heavy units. Bunker – protect your resources. Quanta can bend time and space. Use them to instantly complete activities or to morph into any resources we need.

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Planetstorm  –  gold suitcase, cash, deluxe, elite
1. IDSvIIpl48 - medals
2. k2KY3Xtea4 - honor
3. CkcONYDGOg - resources
4. nXFaz1p1OA - carbon
5. IFQEv4Fdrh - iridium
6. r9WSd7dnt2 - quanta
7. XqirVgE7ag - builder
8. 27kwr5x594 – speed up

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