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Hello, i am the deputy commander of the space station! Creator has been eager to make trouble, the war is on the verge! Four pilots have been recruited and driven by spaceships, each ship has different attribute, they are offensive, defensive control and support.
Please recruit a spaceship to start the journey:
Leviatan (offensive) - with a strong attack power, it has been active in the forefront all the time. It can destroy all the defenses from enemies with its great power.
Galaxy (defensive) - turning itself into a shield to protect teammates, an indispensable part of the battle.
Full Moon (control) - it can contain the enemy and make enemy’s power plummet down, but its own defense is low. it is easy to fall into danger once locked by the enemy.
Angel (support) - with a high level of defense and ability to heal its teammates, it has a variety of support skills to handle a variety of situations.

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Enemy has been detected and our space station is still damaged! We need to return to the base immediately to be ready for this! The command center is the core of the entire space station. To defend against the enemy’s attack, we need to fix it! We should hurry up to research and develop our ships before enemy come next time! The cabin factory can develop the cabins needed for spaceship synthesis.
You can choose offensive, defensive, control or support of the spaceship on the left side and unlock the corresponding spaceships according to the command center level. It takes time to develop the cabin, remember to come back and collect it.

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Wilhuff Tarkin - the chief commander of the human fleet during the artificial intelligence war with an excellent vision of overall situation and outstanding abilities, who even makes the creator of artificial intelligence terrified.
Katharine Motti - senior commander who is in charge of human military operations. This arrogant officer believes that the ultimate advantage of this combat space station can beat any opponent who dares to challenge it.
Cassio Tagge - the deputy commander of the human fleet, always fighting at the forefront of every battle. Scrupulous and precise, he can always discover the weakness of the enemy, the artificial intelligence fleet has already tasted a lof of defeats...
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Darth Vader - he is one of the most powerful people in the human fleet. His indifference even makes the artificial intelligence fleet somewhat overwhelmed, ruthless and never leave a chance to the enemy.
Teresa Karen - as one of the most powerful woman in the human empire, she actively participates in the frontline. The fleet she commanded will always appear in unexpected places, giving the enemy an unexpected strike.

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  • Under your leadership, the space station is developing to a good direction. We need to deploy our defense! The city turret is the first line of defense for the space station. It can actively resist enemy attack and can also help the defense of ships.
  • The higher the cabin level, the more resources and the longer time needed on R&D, the better the attributes of the synthesized spaceship. Assemble the machines in the fleet hangar! In the future, we can also upgrade the ships there.
  • Found that the enemy is coming, we must immediately dispatch a ship to enter the city defense turret to defend against enemy attacks!
    The ship is as simple as that! On the left is the driver's avatar, hold it down and drag it onto the formation.
    The fleet has been stationed, and in the case of our current situation right now, defending our base is better than attacking when our enemy is equally strong as us.

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Hack cheats tutorial Plunder 3(wiki):
  • The command center is the hub of the space station, affecting all the buildings, upgrading the command center can unlock new features.
  • We can view the upgrade conditions and the new functions will be opened at the next level in the upgrade interface; there are many buildings, but the resources are limited, we need to make a decision.
  • When the remaining time of the building upgrade is less than 5 minutes, the free function is triggered and the upgrade can be completed quickly.
  • Our record of defeating Artificial intelligence has been recognized by human alliance, and it is eligible to receive interstellar missions. We can get huge reward after completed their missions.
  • The coordinates of the enemy are recorded in the transmission device from the alliance, we can transfer our fleet at any time to destroy the enemy.

Plunder 3 tutorial

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fix error with the server, bugs, lags, crashes.
Instance - here is the frontline, and the enemy is in Galaxy Ayr according to the memory device. Planet base - in the universe full of stars, there are many inconspicuous asteroids embellishing the space and you can see all those prosperities of life through them! War and peace is an eternal topic, and practice is the only way to verify. Drive the spaceship and head into the endless space.
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Warcraft works can help us increase the number of battleship in the the fleet and increase the maximum amount of resources that can be looted. Defensive unit are great help in battle. When arranging formations, we cna place defensive ships in the front row, which can effectively absorb a lot of damage and contain the enemy. The key to victory is to properly match the ship’s lineup and seize the opportunity to unleash your rage skills.
Remember the stars you gor after the battle? Use it to redeem rewards when you have accumulated enough.
Plunder 3 hack tools instructions:
Homebase can produce alloys, crystals and energy, but the corresponding resource mines need to be placed first. The higher the level of the resource mine, the more the output. Increase the level of the command center or use hack cheats code tools, you can increase the level of resources and mines to raise the upper limit, and unlock more resources and open space.
Resource mines need to be collected manually, and will not produce resources anymore once exceeding the storage limit. Remember to collect the resources in time or enter code, hacked game or use cheat tools. But of course, there are other ways to obtain these three resources.
When we have enough breakthrough materials, we can make a breakthrough to enhance the combat effectiveness of the ship. Upgrading the vehicle development plant would allow for the development of a superior vehicle. how and where enter
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