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Captain, the storm has wipes out our island! Mother nature sure can be a cruel mistress! I have built us this shelter, but right now we need a builder's hut. They'll be essential in rebuilding our island. The more builder's huts we have, the more we can construct or upgrade at the same time. Next up, let's rebuild our pirate hall. It will serve as the centerpiece of our new island home. And the more we upgrade the pirate hall, the more options we'll have for our new island. Mines will gradually unearth gold which we can use to buy defenses and other buildings. We'll also want a way of brewing Grog to keep the crew well lubricated. Pirates love nothing more than a good glug, so we'll need plenty.

Plunder Pirates cheats android, ios hack codes

Plunder Pirates –  hack codes
Next, we'll need to recruit a band of pirates. The tavern it's where all the most notorious seadogs hang out. Map of the surrounding ocean – set sail to discover new lands, enemy ships, and other mysteries of the deep. Go ahead and drag your finger along the map to plot a route. The returning crew are heroes and have earned some experience and gold. Remember, there's a whole map to uncover, so come back regularly and see what you can find. Did you be know we can even fight rival players? But just as we can attack other players, they can also attack us! We'll need to build some defenses to protect our gold, grog.

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Plunder Pirates –  cheats secret bug
Fancy a bit of peace and quiet? Activate the shield from the market. A suicidal voyage? You should really have a rethink before setting sail. Build a guild hall and join or create a guild to chat with fellow pirates. Don't forget to check out the quests. If you're ever stuck, they can be a great guide to what to do next. Tired of your helpers doing nothing all day? Send them on Errands and earn some resources! That'll teach them landlubbers! Increase a pirate's skill level in the academy to unlock unique ability. Plan a voyage carefully – once the ship's range bar is empty, it's all over.

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1. BohAsomVqL – unlimited resources
2. SyVVjnN6GS - treasure
3. etM72mk1j6 - grog
4. jEau8jKnTc - gold
5. itVMr4GBml - gems
6. U65Y65jWRV – speed up (instant)
7. 2KGz26k0BA - shield

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