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Cheat Pocket Brawl Fire hack android, ios code

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GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Pocket Brawl Fire Cheats
100 shards - #JbvhjgAh2
10000 gold coins - #yQPbWj9aP
100 crystal, mainboard, alloy - #XB8LDHQca
100 magic, upgrade, enhance stone - #ycHDAau2o
500 diamonds - #SQuJiHDjj
unlimited vitality - #vcsFChben
1 Month Card code - #nYE8hTQjj
upgrade cheat - #0jNelKBuo
5000 honor - #2P7xJHTGx
1000 blessing gem - #qmNtIHjDv
secret combination - #AaryENF9M
level up - #w46IR2LmZ
100 rune - #Cz5RepdRT
sweep ticket - #tcTGRB0ts
wings - #EPD3H3vtc
10 top gashapon - #mCGIwTZY8
legendary pet - #n9DEUL2PG
special reward - #Gl8YMPJkB
How & Where enter
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Under Tutor Lena’s orders, the warriors arrived at the forest to defeat the demon queen. The Treants do not seem as friendly as usual. Hold on > to move the character to pick the weapon. Press "power" and don't let go. When charged to the green zone, please release to shoot. Destroy the target. Press ^ to adjust the angel to the red pointer.
Pocket Brawl Fire Deck
Costume not only changes your appearance but also provides combat stats. Dress you up! Gear - here you can enhance and advance gear to gain even greater power. Merits indicates your contribution. Higher rank means higher merits. You are ready to gain a rank. Wings are gorgeous and powerful!
many weapon were shattered into shards in the last battle against demons. Collect them, then turn them into a full weapon or advance them to bring out more power.
1. You may set the min level required to join your guid in guild>settings.
2. Ultimate of weapon Hell damages all enemies in a certain area.
3. Black merchant only stays for 2hr. Buy as much as you can in time!
4. Losing a battle? Power up via Advance weapon, refine costume and bless.
4.Use Gacha to draw pet related rewards, including pets. You have 5 free use chances daily. Don't forget to use them.
5. During the hack event, players can redeem items, each type of redemption has a limit on the number of redemption during the event.
Patch Version
Pocket Brawl Fire Redeem gift code
1. NS0bPOAW65O2y9q
2. URripOjNdFiRjJa
3. uXmKPePIo5P1MZT
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Hack Release Date09 September 2020
Last Modified09 September 2020
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