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Pocket Luna cheat world: guild leader, i have found some clues. Arbiter should be at the front. Auto attack when closed to the enemies (does not require to click). I have the fire essence granted by the Goddess. It can help you to obtain the fire attribute's battle ability. Use penetrate pierce to destroy enemies in front - this is the power of fire essence, you should master it.

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You have a strange and powerful energy coming from your body. You still have not mastered controlling it. Uncontrollable power will slowly lead people to the abyss. I have helped you suppress it for the moment.

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Adventure mission in every stage - complete to obtain star reward. The reward on guild mission is great! The value would be even greater if you get five stars mission. Break down purple and gold equipment to receive magic spirit emblems. In order to survive in this land with monsters, in addition to improving your own abilities, equipment is incredibly important. Enhancing will upgrade equipment attributes.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Remember to break down extra equipment to receive enchance stones and magic spirit emblems. Upgrade battle rating: equipment smithing, job skills, awakening, minion levels - all ways to improve your battle rating. After equipment's rarity hit the target able to receive treasure equipment reward! Spirit minion's are very stong partners. it will able to assist you in the battle with the tree demon. Purchase energy, shop's purchase, dimension summon, allthese are the top bang for your diamonds.

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