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Pocket Q3 cheat world: hello, i'm cheat-on, living and working here, the Sif region. Welcome to Sprout town! Here in Sif, our fantastic pets are everywhere. They are absolutely incredible creatures. In the grass, caves, sky and sea. You can easily find them. They are powerful friends. we help each other. As their trainers, we train and fight togheter. Sounds as creative as a thunderbolt. I'll introduce you to our fellas. Let's go to my lab, come with me.

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Lightcarole - this is what i'm working on, "the gallery"! I spend days and nights to make this device. It can get detailed data on the growth of any pet. However, i'm too old to explore the world. I hope you can help me. No worries, Charlizard is going with you. Spraying flame that can melt a rock! Charlizard is your first partner. I know you have the potential to be a great trainer. For the adventure, Wiggle is waiting for you in the Gacha.

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New trainer, it seems to be your first fight. Take it easy. Click on an enemy and start your attack. You can see a slider moving to the right. When it's in the yellow area, click on your enemy and you'll make a combo that deals more damage. Hero power is pouring out? Hold and drag avatar up in order to release full ability. I just knew the stage stars can unlock hcests.

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Skills: Singing- unleashes the healing potential of the melody and heals the front row pets. When awakened, heals all pets. Power shot - throws power charged torpedoes to enemy units in a line and increases ATK of friendly male pets by 15%. Hunt down - deals massive DMG with energy burst, to the units around, causing 40% splash DMG. Additionally increases parry rate of self and pet behind by 30%.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Ultimate test - scale new heights, massive resources, and pet fragments in the trial store awaits for you. Event stages - various game modes are waiting for your challenge! Come and get golds, exp potions, and massive gifts. Clone fight - pets all around the world are gathered. Challenge clones to collect pet fragments. It will cost an extra clone ticket if you wnat to challenge a clone whose original you don't have yet.

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Tutorial (wiki): you have 3 chances in total to challenge the guild quests. The total money and quantity of Lucky packs can be increased by research in guild lab. For pocket run, your move chances are reset at 5 am every day. Once you collect all 3 monsters in a series, you will get extra speed. If the leader is offline for 3 days, his position will be exchanged with the member who contributed the most in the last 3 days.

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