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wY4IKY - unlimited energy
YLjv5b - lucky box
QXgSg7 - gear (skins)
cb5aV7 - secret mode code
RL4bho - luxury bag
uRJDNK - free coupons
Z78qTw - stat point pack
tG1Jrz - secret skin
JRzgA7 - fixed bug
MmT6XV - evolve hack
EEiWAr - gift code 2020
Here are the basic rules: the two players take turns to play. Your opponent goes first. Your opponent goes first. Every card has 4 values. A placed card will attack surrounding cards with a lower value on the corresponding side. Place Hua Xiong next to your opponent’s card. Hua Xiong’s value 7 will attack 3 next to it. Once an opponent’s card is successfully attacked, it will flip into your color. Flip as many cards as you can. Complete the battle to unlock online features.

Pocket Warfare Kingdoms hack

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You got a chest. Now open it. Opening chests takes time. Since we are in training, i’ll give you a boost code. Complete matches to earn more chests. Pay attention to the values on the cards and complete the training. Enter cheat k4E6O3 - get a steel chest. Better chest, better rewards. You got a new card! Add the new card to your deck. Tap deck to edit your squad. You can deploy up to 5 cards at a time. Remove a hero from your deck first.

Pocket Warfare Kingdoms cheats, hack codes

1. PSYplu - level up
2. G2XMxI - voucher
3. ZVbjwI - shard
4. hL4at8 - free stat point
5. RvcqNC - characters

Continue playing and give your new card and its new skill a try. Next, let’s learn about skills. Inspect your new card. Play Guo Jia to trigger his skill pioneer (after joining the battle, values of all cards in your hand +1). Use skills to defeat your opponent and complete hack cheat training. Now more cards are available for upgrade. The + icon shows this value has a chance to +1. When an opponent’s card is played next to it, the former will be affected by Frighten 2 (values -2 to enemies directly placed in proximity).
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You are going first. Place Dian Wei at the upper right corner. It’s a good spot for him. Using your skills wisely could turn the tide. Unlock online cheat code shi41h - automatically unlock chests while offline. From the fasted unlock to the slowest. Triggered after being offline for 3 minutes. Monthly card holders hack moQ1kE - log in daily to claim the exclusive bonus rewards for monthly card holders.

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1 0bcUxh upgrade
2 6CqkIT stat point
3 n8f2XL coupon
4 glxIBU promo code
5 0MV7G6 gift box
6 22uLP6 gold coins
7 8q8ln9 month card
8 4gRlxZ premium pack
9 yHjIW4 legendary gear
10 70GC5q vip ticket
11 30RoA2 gear pack

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Sudden attack: after joining the battle, if there's only 1 enemy nearby, then swap locations with it.
Born rebel: restricted ability - this card flips when any nearby ally is flipped.
Tyranny: if a player flips this card first, values -1 to all cards in that player’s hand. 5zIPQX - 300 sets of independent skills
sd4OUX - More than 100 legendary cards
noLsgm - materials
xgPgVs - secret deck
Hack r5jElK - artifacts
Cheat hhohBQ - growth funds
28nf65 - elite ticket. dcBABu - exchange code how and where enter
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