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Key, hello! Here you are at last! Welcome to Alola. I have been waiting for our for along time. Have you adjusted to the weather here in Alola? How about life on the island? Are you settled? To help you get around faster, I will introduce you to someone your age, who can act as your guide on the island. You need to get one more powerful pokemon! I'll tell you a secret. Professor cheat-on is giving a lecture on tips for using the capsule! The doctor will teach you how to get new characters via the capsule station. Tap the capsule button to enter the capsule station. Drawing from crystal capsule will get you amazing gifts. Tap the computer button, newly received hero will be stored here.

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Pocketown –  hack codes
You can view all moves of a characters on the battle panel. Tap panel to view all hero that can be replaced into the battle. Note that pokemon in the party can be set to follow you. Remind you, a lot of pokemon in the wild grass, remember to bring poke balls with you! Use moves to reduce target hero's health points or inflict stats changes on them to increase catch rate. With comprehensive training, your character will become more powerful. Feed rare candy or hack cheat codes to upgrade pokemon to higher level. Play trainer instance to challenge trainers that you've already defeated.

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Pocketown –  cheats secret bug
Always keen your pokemon in goodin good condition, so as to continue overcoming powerful enemies. If the weather is good, you can chase the wind and wander around. Tap the map to view the map info of current region. Tap the regional pokedex to view all characters that appear in the region. Tap on pokedex rewards to view rewards for catching hero. Use transfer to reach the specified destination quickly. Star up can enhance stats significantly, do it as often as possible.

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1. flZDoTJH9G – unlimited energy
2. nH17ttqKGT – stress points
3. FNTKt3FcjZ – gold coins
4. vlMOrbV2Jt – vip status
5. LsGOw3MUPh – crystal capsure points
6. sDNcARyBPc – legendary pokemon

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