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I’m a pretty big deal around here. Buckle up, because there’s a huge team tournament right around the corner. The league for short! It’s one big festival for trainers like us. Trainers from all over the world gather to form teams of three and battle it out! Each trainer can only use one hero, through, so the real challenge is how well your team works together.
use a poryphone - it’s a multi purpose information device that is an absolute must have here on Pasio! Since team battles are the norm here at the PML, you’ll need your Poryphone to communicate with the other sync pairs on your team.

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Sync pair is a special term we use here on Pasio to describe a single trainer-pokemon pair. Are you perhaps looking for a team? In that case, you’re in luck! I just met a couple other sync pairs who are searching for new teammates as well. I’ll introduce you!
Have you heard of the Kanto Gym leader they call the Tomboyish Mermaid? That’s, Misty! Brock - a gym leader. When it comes to rock hard willpower, nobody can beat him!
Well, now that we’re all together, why don’t we head out to the city? Lots of trainers like to gather around just outside the hero center. It shouldn’t be too hard to find more teammates there!

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I wonder what kind of trainer you will become. No matter how strong you become, i want you to remember what it was like when you began and enjoy battles in the same way.
This is Centra city, the biggest city on Pasio. You might be surprised to know that Pasio is a completely artifact island!
Basics: typical battles on Pasio are fought in teams of 3 on 3, and you control each of your three teammates! Using moves depletes your move gauge.
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Every sync pair has a type that it’s weak against. Attack with moves that match its weakness type to inflict double the damage. Try switching targets to a pokemon that’s weak against your attack. The border around battle window will flash if you have a move that’s super effective against the target.

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  • Switch between your teammates to use the most effective moves.
  • Sync moves are powerful attacks capable of doing massive damage to your opponents. Every time you use a move, your sync move countdown goes down.
  • Your opponent's team got a buff, and your allies' stats that were raised returned to normal.
  • At the shop, you can scout for new teammates, exchange your items, and acquire all sorts of useful things.
  • Use sync pair scout to reach out to some new teammates!
  • Scout again to reach out to more trainers and build your dream team.

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Hack cheats tutorial Pokemon Masters(wiki): Collect your bonus level up manual by visiting your present box. When you scout out a sync pair that you already have, their sync move levels up! Once a sync move reaches its level 5 max, you’ll receive a power-up with the same number of stars as the duplicate sync pair instead.
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