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There are many unknown islands in this world, and strong and rare characters live on those islands. Only true adventurers with strong heroes and insatiable curiosity can research those unknown islands.
I’m cheat-on from the adventurers club. We are researching new islands and pokemon that live there. And we’d like to ask for your cooperation. I’ll teach you the basics for adventurers!

Pokémon Rumble Rush hack

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Controls: first of all, check challenges. This is the most basic of basics. Tap the challenges button in the upper right corner to check challenges. The adventurers club will keep posting things that we want adventurers to do, so please check your challenges! Tap the screen to get your character to attack. The pokemon will move toward nearby opponents. Tap the receive button to receive rewards for clearing a challenge, don’t forget.

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Pokémon Rumble Rush hack summon ticket
if you’re ready, let’s go on an adventure! A strong opponent seems to have appeared already! To challenge the strong enemy, let’s catch a pokemon first. Please tap the search button to find a stage where hero are. If you want to use the pokemon you caught, tap the switch button. The CP number indicates a character’s strength, so switch to a hero with higher CP to have a better chance of defeating your opponents.
Pokémon Rumble Rush wiki
New challenges are sometimes added after you clear a challenge. Now, i’ll keep on explaining about your adventure. We’ll go to different places to catch pokemon, but at the beginning, you won’t find many different kinds of heroes. However, if you defeat a strong opponent called a super boss, you’ll find more characters. But super bosses won’t battle you unless they recognize you as a worthy opponent. Tap the pin of a super boss to find out what makes a boss recognize you as a worthy opponent.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • The more you catch the same species of heroes, the stronger the species becomes.
  • To be recognized by first super boss, you need to catch a pokemon with CP 100 or higher.
  • You can check reported sightings on search screen.
  • Reported sightings tells you what kind of Pokemon other adventurers have found and where.
  • Tap and hold the screen to use a powerful charged move.

Pokémon Rumble Rush tips
Hack cheats tutorial Pokémon Rumble Rush(wiki):
  • You'll need a guide feather to search. You can get them by defeating super bosses.
  • Swipe in a timely manner to evade an opponent's attack.
  • To be recognized by a boos, explore stages and catch pokemon that meet the requirements the super boss has set.
  • Upgrade characters of your choice.
  • Test your strength using the heroes you've collected.

Pokémon Rumble Rush tutorial

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