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This game can be played in full without spending any money, but there are items available for purchase. A message for minors: be sure that you have a parent or guardian's permission before you purchase any items, and have your parent or guardian make the purchase with you. Please see the terms of use for more information about purchases. If you area minor, please have an adult read through the terms of use with you before you begin playing.

Pokémon Café Mix cheats, hack codes

1. RG142wpD - upgrade
2. zS5CEgWr - menu items
3. Enter 6dKKDoR8 - boosters
4. Pass zAu7RiP8 - Special Pikachu Pack
5. Nl8Xnn51 - Golden Acorn
6. Enter 6fVdCAn1 - unlock pokemons
7. bWWlQwLS - unlimited moves
8. aMHge6mB - level up
9. 4NP1jRx8 - secret combination
10. 9hLxDP1u - game coupon code

Control info Pokémon Café Mix: good morning! I'm Leah, and i'll be working with you starting today. You must be the owner. First things first - we need to prepare for the grand opening. Let's head to the kitchen. Why don't we whip something up and make sure that our tools are working correctly? Pokemon icons represent the motivation of Eevee and the other pokemon that will be helping you out. Try linking these icon to get everyone excited to pitch in on the order. Link two or more icons to make a combo, and they'll disappear. Pay attention to how long you have to link icons and the number of moves you've got left, too.

Basics Pokémon Café Mix cheats code list:
moves - note that every time you grab and release an icon, the move count will go down. You'll get help from various pet while you;re completing an order.Ok, we're all set! All we need are some customers.
Here's another tip: character can use these things called cafe skills. To use a cafe skill, you need to fill up gauge. The gauge can be filled by linking lots of unit icons to get your helpers fired up! The gauge will fill faster when you clear the leader icons. To activate a cafe skill, grab its icon, then release it at the desired position.

Pokémon Café Mix gift codes, hack, note.

Tips & tricks, android gameplay secrets:

Gameplay steps, Key Features, skills, hint:
  • 1. Fill unit's orders, and you can build upa friendship with them! Collect stars to raise your friendship level with each kind of unit.
  • 2. You can grab cafe skill icons and move them around, and they will activate wherever they are when they're released. Pan well, then release! You can use cheats or combine two cafe skill icons to make them into one powered up. The skill will activate when you release after combining the icons, so be careful!
  • 3. As you build up your character helpers’ motivation by making combos, sometimes Leah’s megaphone will appear. The megaphone can clear a few icons in the direction it’s facing.
  • 4. The more pokemon icons you link together in a combo, the higher the score!
  • 5. As you get more cafe tools, you'll be able to prepare different kinds of drinks and dishes. You'll see completely new gimmicks when preparing new offerings.
  • 6. Upgrades - here, you can check units or cafe menu items that will become available with the next upgrade. Complete orders, use cheat, hack tools and aim to make your cafe even better.
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