Cheats, hacks Magikarp Jump Pokemon: secrets code, apk bug mode

. Android game Magikarp Jump Pokemon cheat hack code - jump power, training point, diamonds, unlimited food, gold coins (New York, Unated state).

Welcome to the world of magikarp jump! The name is cheat-on. Everyone calls me mayor hack, though. I'm in charge here in Hoppy town, a magical place where everybody loves Magikarp. Everybody raises him around here. It is a fine jumper, that's for sure! It can jump like nobody's business. Sure, it's famous for being weak and patheric and utterly useless... That's why we all love this plucky little pokemon around here. Here in these parts, folks love to complete to see whose Magikarp can jump higher. In fact, there are eight different leagues you can complete in. But we haven't had a league champion come out of our town in a long while. Even the Magikarp are beginning to lose their motivation. We gotta do something to fire'em back up again. That's why I called you here. You're good at raising pokemon, right?

Magikarp Jump Pokemon cheats android, ios hack codes

Magikarp Jump Pokemon –  hack codes
I bet you could raise up a champion and bring back our town's pride! We could really use a win around here. It would sure pick up our poor spirits. So, do your best to raise up some fine magikarp and go for the win in all eight leagues. You see those old rods there? Those are exactly the expert tools needed to fish up the mighty hero. If you hope to win in the league, jump power is what you need to increase. Swipe over or tap on food, and your character will gobble it up. Training is nother way you can sharply raise your hero's jump power. Complete against challengers for the highest jump to become the league's champion.

Magikarp Jump Pokemon - secret code hack tips

Magikarp Jump Pokemon –  cheats secret bug
When your trainer rank goes up, your training points will recover, and you can get diamonds. Go for the win in the friend league and the quick league! They're both for beginners. Looks like your own magical tale is about to begin! Make a real big splash here in the world of Magikarp jump! Feeding, training, and league battle. This cycle is the key to raising a magikarp that can jump higher than any other. You can use the coins you earn in the league to get handy items for raising hero. Get new regimens that may be randomly selected for training! You can also upgrade your regimens to boost their effects. You can get new foods from the coin shop or boost their rank to help character grow quicker.

how to enter hack cheats Magikarp Jump Pokemon.

1. RAPN2PQ9Wz – jump power
2. L5B3UoiXyZ – training point
3. S4IWRoDYIn - diamonds
4. o3c1QeBqg2 – unlimited food
5. ADNok2sLP1 – gold coins
6. tYpLVmMT6T – level up

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