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Free hack Politician War cheats code list - gold, staffs, insrease attributes, promo ticket, level up, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Politician War cheat world: sir, now you can give speech, raise funds and recruit supporters. Earns political staffs and funds each time. Spend funds to get equivalent supporters each time. You've managed to acquire plenty of staffs. Tap on staff to upgrade your staff. The attributes of your staff decide whether your staff is strong or not. You can upgrade and improve qualifications to promt your staff's attributes. The core of your authority is the attributes of staffs. Just upgrade them to acquire more authority.

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Staff's qualification comes from four kinds of books, which correspond to Fame, Admin, fund raise and Appeal. Upgrade the books can improve your staff's qualification. Please keep it in mind if you want to improve attributes for your staffs. Books of fame, Admin, fund raise and Appeal originate from corresponding upgrade code. The star level of books is related to the success rate and earnings of upgrading. Please think twice before you make a decision.

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Every upgrade failure is for you to accumulate experience. Do not lose faith, there will be a time of success - if you have any questions, please tap rules on the upper left for more information. Fame - influences the executive force of staff and supporters. Intelligence - influences the political staffs earned by speech. Admin - influences the funds raised. Appeal - influences the numbers of supporters recruited.

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As a new official, you can start by patrolling the city. Tap on trip and go to political career. Anselm has arranged for your first political match: a community hearing of Starbax. Follow the storyline quests to start your political career. Order - use it to receive an extra chance for handing affairs.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: reaching city deputy and vip3 to unlock political career skip. This is a very fun political elite game. You will have your own party power, rule the Congress, fight against the enemy, carry out diplomatic activities, and strengthen the party's power. Dating with the best girl to show your personality. Come and experience it for yourself!
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Tutorial Politician War(wiki): You will have your own national power, unite your comrades against the enemy, become the leader of the first party in Congress, and lay down your own political career. Collect popularity and improve ranking. You can form your own party in the game, recruit powerful staff to manage, buy props, enhance strength, and win the highest honor in politics. Elect the debate and win the hearts of the people
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