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Poly Fantasy cheat world: welcome, let me show you this world. There are many fairylands on game, you can slide the screen to go there, let's try sliding to the left. let's start with summon altar, where you can summon powerful heroes. Basic summon can call out heroes of inferior quality and also consumes basic summon scroll. Senior summon will call out characters of superior quality, it also costs diamonds or hero summon scrolls. Now you already know how to summon heroes, the next part is adventure gate. Tap it, forward to exploring battles.

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Before the battle, we should set auto battle heroes, we need their combat force to unlock stages. Auto battle heroes will constantly for us acquire resources from the stages, and trophies can be collected at an interval. Let's fight in the stage, we can enter the next stage as long as we win. You can deploy heroes for battle, qualified teams can activate their team halo.

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Attacking the restricted party will increase damages; both attacks and being attacked will accumulate energy, and skills can be released when the energy is full. Apart from summon, heroes can be composed by shards. You should own a certain number of shards to summon unit. Adventure on Fantasy land requires strong heroes, let's learn how to cultivate a hero. Spare heroes can be dissolved into soul fire, which is an important material for hero upgrading.

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With enough soul fire and gold, you can tap upgrade to raise hero level. More powerful soul fire has better enhancement. When switching stages, the system will collect resources and trophies for you, rewards increase with the time of auto battle. The more forward the position, the more vulnerable the hero will be. Properly adjusting the formation can better resist attacks and damage.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: the market is a place to buy all kinds of resources, you can find what you need there. Surprise giftpack - please check the various timed events here, take part in them to win all kinds of rewards. At set intervals, some of events will be replaced, make a proper plan for those events so you can get more resources. The next will count on you, remember to hack, collect more heroes and make them stronger.
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Tutorial Poly Fantasy (wiki): 2 free chances a day for challenging warrior arena. 6 star, 9 star heroes can serve as awakening materials for heroes of more stars, not even 7 star heroes. Ongoing or completed castle tasks that are not submitted have no effect on the upper limit of refresh. In guild instance, only killing the boss for the first time can be awarded.
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