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Our world ests upon the five elements. Their balance is very important, and as a result is very fragile. A disruption of the balance can incur devastating consequences. But exceptional times bring exceptional heroes to our world...the Chosen Ones! Not only can they control the elements, they can also create portals to travel and summon allies through. And as long as there is hope in their hearts, this world will have a chance of salvation!

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hack Portal Kingdoms Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): Your first task is to defeat a squad of demons. Reen, the mentor of recruits, will help you with this. Darkness will consume you! Don't be scared, newbie! Go on, attack this demon! Match Ice Tiles so that I can attack demons! Now use Nature Tiles for my arrow to pierce the enemy! Collect Fire Tiles, and my hammer will crush the demon of Darkness! Does this demon have a thick hide or what?! Let's see if it can withstand a double attack!

cheat Step #2: I had a vision of Reen. She's in trouble. I sent a search squad after her. Darkness looms over Avalon. The elemental balance is upset, Mordred, the progenitor of Titans, has broken free. But you survived. Now the locals call you the Chosen One. For not everyone can survive a battle against Mordred! And what can I call you? I can feel the portal's energy. For years, I thought the power of Summoning was forever lost to Avalon. You'll have to learn as we go. Let's try to activate the Portal, so we can summon heroes!

code Step #3:A new hero has joined us. I believe you'll be able to assemble the strongest team of heroes in Avalon! The Avalon defense commander awaits you outside the fortress. Join the squad and continue searching for Reen. The army of Darnkess leaves nothing but ashes behind. No one knows if there will ever be a hero capable of stopping this nightmare. Getting ready for challenges

Portal Kingdoms Step #4: The number of the enemy bar is the number of moves before their attack. Tap on an enemy to make them the target of the attack! Chosen One, watch out! A whole 3 opponents are preparing for a Simultaneous attack!

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  • After graduating from the Erfurt School of Wizardry, Alaster was elected Supreme Archmage of the Guild. This gave him unique knowledge and experience!
  • Match 4 tiles in a row to create a Cracker. Double tap the Cracker to use it. A desperate adventurer hides under the guise of this small furry creature. Since childhood, Reen has studied magic from books by Master Alaster.
  • There are powerful opponents ahead. To save Reen faster, let's return to the fortress and prepare the fighters! Chosen One, we now have recruits. It's time to start training them! We have enough recruits to train two more heroes! You now have a free training acceleration available. Let's use it. Congratulations, the training is over! The new heroes can't wait to go into battle! Now you've seen for yourself that you aren't born a true hero, but become one!
  • The Goblin King is a dangerous opponent! We need to get stronger! We need strong heroes for the mission to rescue Reen. It's time to tech you how to level up heroes. Select this hero to level up Loriel. Choosing identical heroes levels up an active skill.
  • Bosses have active and passive skills. Active skills are used when mana is full. Passive skills can be triggered by an attack or when taking damage. Bosses have 2 life bars. A life bar defines the current boss phase. When the phase changes, a boss's active ability changes as well.
  • Before going into battle, you should take a potion with you. You just need to tap on the potion to add it to your inventory. You can now use this potion in battle.
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