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Sellar, a peaceful little village in the kingdom of Derrin. There is a youth named Cloud who dreams of kight of the kingdom, and a good friend Erega who is always next to him. There is a sacred fruit on the altar inside the town of Sellar, which has been preserved long before, and protects the village with divine power. Fruit with the powerful magic that gods used to eat were not at the level that mere human could afford. The enormous power of the fruit caused the Erega to go berserk, destroying the village with magic and then disappeared. Now cloud is chasing the whereabouts of the Erega...

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Portal Knights –  hack codes

You must activate skills so that they can be used in battle. Skills are connected via a skill tree, requiring you to activate certain skills to unlock others. Activating and upgrading skills cost skill points. Each time you level up, you receive 1 skill point for your character. Skills can be divided into active and passive skills, and skill slots are divided accordingly. For active skills, based on how the character's skills are placed in the slots, the sequence of skills act in an automatic battle mode. Skill combo will be activated once the combo activation or the chain is used. Achievements you've already completed are displayed in the menu, and those in progress will automatically update.

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Portal Knights –  cheats secret bug
You can level up mercenaries with the gold coins. Depending on the stage of the achievement, you may receive rewards. Daily and weekly accomplishments are renewed every day and week so that you can receive rewards again. You can dispatch and use up the stages cleared with three stars. Unlike accomplishments, you have to accept a quest in order to proceed with it. Only one quest can be accepted at a time. In order to proceed with other quest, you must complete or cancel the quest currently in progress. You can change the appearance of the equipment by changing appearance.

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1. SDKW93Odes – auto tap x999
2. FxMqOgZlyG - gold
3. LgdsfnCo6B – gems crystal
4. Xun8IXdXiq - tickets
5. IfZuJw97HX – treasure chest
6. g2DSiZ1pOv - reborn

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