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To make more money on a potion, you can try haggling. Successful haggling could significantly increase the price of a potion, but unsuccessful haggling could do the opposite - make it drop. Press "haggle" when the arrow is inside the golden bonus areas to improve the terms of the deal. Hitting the bonus areas tips the scale in your favor but missing them does the opposite. The scale will also gradually tip out of your favor once haggling begins. The bonus areas will shrink and get harder and harder to hit each time, so don't haggle for too long. To end haggling and set the terms of the deal, get the arrow in one of the green bonus areas on the sides.

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Gathering ingredients - the enchanted garden is one of the alchemist's main sources for ingredients. Every day new ingredients will grow in the garden. Don't forget to pick them from time to time. Click on ingredients to gather them. The customer needs poison, which means you need to create a potion with the poison effect. You will have to look for most of the effects on your own throughout the map, but you remember from your alchemy lessons that such a potion can be made from 1 terraria and 1 firebell. Don't forget to use all the alchemy equipment available. Don't be afraid of failure. You can always try again by pressing the button in the upper left of this window. Once the last customer leaves the shop, you can have a rest in your bedroom. It is located above the laboratory. TO end the day, click the bed and confirm you want to end the day.

You have refreshed your alchemy knowledge and familiarized yourself with the alchemy equipment. In the attic next to the bed, you found a few ingredients and a ladle for water. You'll need the ladle to make potions, so you set it next to the cauldron in the laboratory. This is your potion shop now, and you decide what to do next. Greet customers, chat, sell potions, haggle, and don't forget to gather ingredients from the enchanted garden and gradually explore the alchemy map.
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