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It’s been three years, but we finally did it, partner! Our brand new potion shop is ready for action! Our brand new potion shop is ready for action! Oh, someone’s coming in... must be our very first patron! He wants a red potion. Here, let me show you the ropes. Tap on tub to fill it with red essence. Wait for it to fill up completely.

Potion Punch 2 hack

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It’s full! Now tap to place an empty bottle on the tabletop. Then drag to pour essence into the bottle, and give it to the patron! Don’t forget to collect your earnings.
Another patron! She wants a blue potion: must be her favorite color. Fill tub with blue essence. Collect her payment and Tip. Remember, every penny counts.

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Hero’s asking for a purple potion - you’ll have to mix red and blue together. First, prepare an empty bottle. Next, garb some red and blue essence. And poof! Just like she wanted!
it seems like we’ve gotten enough coins for now, but there are three more patrons to serve. I’m sure you can take it from here. Oh, and if you make the wrong potion, just throw it in the trash bin. Break a leg!
Potion Punch 2 wiki
We’ve run out of bottles, but don’t worry! Just tap here to restock.
Hero’s craving for a Crispy daggerfish. Good thing i caught a fresh batch this morning. Tap to place a Daggerfish on the grill. Now wait for our lovely baby dragon to roast it to perfection. Gently tap on our little friend so our Daggerfish doesn’t get burn to a crisp. If you ever badly burn a fish, you can thrown it in the trash bin.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • You can get gems regularly from daily gifts and weekly chests.
  • The three stages of a waiting patron are: happy, bored, and angry.
  • Discarding items will cost us money, so don't be wasteful!
  • Heroes' stats improve as they level up.
  • Summon workers to help you beat levels and challenges.
  • To maximize profits, our potion shop must be in tip-top condition - upgrade it.
  • Upgrading the tabletop lets us prepare two potions at once.

Potion Punch 2 tips
Hack cheats tutorial Potion Punch 2(wiki):
Tabletop magically stabilizes bottles so your potions don’t spill.
Check our quests before we open the shop.
Build collectors to produce coins and appetizers while you’re away.
If we had been too slow, hero would have been dissatisfied. Happy patrons give bigger tips.
You can leave payments and tip collection to Teresa while you serve patrons.
Potion Punch 2 tutorial

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