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The united human kingdom has experienced thousands of years of peace and prosperity. Suddenly, the ancient dimensional barrier was cracked. The demons flood Eurasia from the other dimension. The three great powers of mankind's armies joined forces to resist the invasion of the demons. After the long time battle, the allied forces of human suffered great losses. The war destroyed the most prosperous city of mankind. We were enter cheats codes, forced to flee and take the ark to find a new home. After a long journey, we finally found a new continent. We help each other here: create new things together here regrouped and set out together. To reclaim the land that belongs to us. Whether the throne will belong to mankind or demons? The task of reviving human civilization will be carried by you!

Power of Thrones cheats, hack codes

1. S + 1jsNbGKe - speed up
2. V + HOS5fFkq - diamonds
3. Enter Q + M2ou2FTS - unlimited morale
4. W + Pass KDLvZcvj - resources
5. S + g8Sx9u2r - elite devil troops
6. Enter d + Guk4BX0T - prayer coin
7. s + O5xav2bP - blind box
8. W + Ven6Ylou - lottery voucher
9. Q + hFtwIqb6 - SSR hero
10. q + Du19KV4l - fragments
11. s + e465rhCk - secret combiantion

Power of Thrones forces: please select the forces you want to join, the forces mainly determine your birth place and the appearance of original main city.
Winter empire - the Slavs and Celts, located in northern Eurasia, established the winter empire, which is perennially cold. The harsh environment did not destroy them, but created their brave and determined will. Using the hack tools, cheat code, from winter empire the soldiers built the most advanced siege equipment in Eurasia.
Eastern empire - the southeast of Eurasia is covered by dense forests and vast grasslands. It is mainly inhabited by the Huaxia, Yamato and a few migrating from winter empire. The fertile land produced abundant food, nourished the people of the dragon empire for generations, and established the most populous country in Eurasia.
Golden empire - is located in the southwestern part of Eurasia and is the residence of the Semites. Although most of land here is covered by yellow sand and the vegetation is scarce, it is rich in mineral resources and can produce sufficient armor and weapons, thus also achieving the fearlessness and prosperity of the golden empire.

Hack Power of Thrones heroes, cheats codes: Arthur - the leader of the Bound table knight, pulling out the Being of swords with his own strength, is a symbol of justice and hope. Tank heroes with excellent control ability can create excellent output environment for teammates in regimental warfare. But the range of skills is small.
Reus - older but more ambitious and energetic. The ecstatic archery frightened all the enemies. Powerful long range assassins, with super physical explosive ability, can hit the enemy's rear heroes from the distance enemy think they are safe.

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Gameplay steps, Key Features, skills, hint:
  • 1. Construction and expansion of our city still requires lots of resources. Construct various resource fields on the open space in city to produce resources. The castle is the most important building in the city, upgrade it. Click cheat to quickly use appropriate acceleration items.
  • 2. City walls and defense traps can temporarily resist the attack. Soldiers arrayed will consume morale cells in the lower left of the soldier icon. Left bar - here is our current morale value, which will increase over time. Morale value will also increase when arraying hero.
  • 3. After summoning a hero, the hero will automatically move and attack. You can control hero’s movement by clicking on the map.
  • 4. One time formation can be adjusted before battle, you can also use “auto select” to quickly arrange formation.
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