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Prison Empire Tycoon Cheats
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So, you're the person they sent to manage this hellhole? Do they think that managing a prison is like managing a hotel or any other business? Let me warn you: a prison is way more complicated to manage. It's full of lowlifes who're waiting for any chance to make trouble. I'd better teach you a few things to keep this from turning into a disaster. We must hurry, a bus full of prisoners is about to arrive. They usually arrive every morning, depending on how many free cells are available.
First, they need to be processed and registered in the admissions area. Any of the prison guards can do that. I don’t have time right now since i have to explain everything to you. First thing you need to know is that the state pays us good money for every new prisoner we take in. But that's not the only way to make money. Prisons are subsidized by the state, so we get government money every hour of the day. The state also pays a set fee for each hour a prisoner remains in the prison. The more dangerous the prisoner, the more money we get for keeping him. Finally, if they serve their sentence and are reformed, we’ll also get paid when they leave. It's a perfect business without any cheat codes, hack tools.
Prison Empire Tycoon Cells
Once a prisoner has been processed, a guard will escort him to his cell. As you see, the prison guards are key to making the prison work. They escort the prisoners, watch them, stop them from fighting, and much more. Without them the prison would get out of control, so make sure to always have enough guards available. Now it's your turn as manager to start doing something for this prison. How about upgrading the cells? Since this riffraff will be spending a lot of time here, it may be worth them learning something, right? Use cheats codes - hack a shelf with some books so they have something to read. Remember that the state pays you more if you improve a prisoner's living conditions.
1. Prisons have a strict schedule. Take this into account when making decisions.
2. Remember these guys are not in here out of their own free will. They have very little freedom and they can become stressed out and get really mad if their living conditions are bad. A color indicator shows the prisoner's stress level based on his needs. If the indicator changes color, it means his comfort level is getting worse. The closer to red it gets, the more dangerous and unstable the prisoner will get.
3. Prisoners have 6 different needs: hunger, health, entertainment, hygiene, security, comfort. Each affect their stress level and should therefore be closely monitored.
4. You can always check the clock at the top of the screen to know what's happening at every moment.
5. I the prisoner stresses out too much and loses it, confinement will be of little use and he'll be taken away to another prison. In that case our prison will be penalized for ding a bad job.
Prison Empire Tycoon Kitchen
We need cooks to prepare the prisoner's meals before lunchtime. Remember though: each prisoner needs to eat during their turn. The cooks prepare and serve the meals in the dining hall. So the more prisoners we have, the more cooks we need. Make sure to hire enough. All prison employees have a salary which is paid per hour. Make sure you have enough money to pay everyone to avoid financial losses.
Electricity and water
You must also make sure the prison has enough electricity and water. The electric generator and water pumping station provide electricity and water, but you'll need to upgrade them.
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