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The Eternal Protoss conspired to integrate all parallel universes, causing the planets in each parallel universe to collide. Heroes work together to minimize collision damage and prevent planet destruction. But...the heroes of the parallel universe have different beliefs and are divided into 5 camps. Since then, the smoke has started again...

Little one, your fate shall come, now it's the time, in other words, your fate is me! There will be no assistance or personal consideration! Come and have a fair duel with me, I will be waiting for you in Stage 1-7! Take the challenge, the stage will be more difficult, and it succeed you will get all Thanos's treasure. The challenge can be canceled at any time.

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hack Project AFK Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): Here you are, Explorer! I am the lieutenant responsible for your reception. You have arrived just in time. Our Stronghold is under attack, we need you to command the battle! Some heroes arrived earlier than us, send our heroes to help them!

cheat Step #2: We fight off the enemy at last and got some supplies. Tap Loots button to receive the supplies. The hero will continue to explore battlefield. You can receive supplies in a while, come and look oftenly! Now let's use these supplies to upgrade our hero, make them stronger! Press upgrade button to increase level of heroes, and their other attributes.

code Step #3:We just got a new equipment, come and equip it! Tap the icon to select a weapon. Our hero become stronger now, we must defeat the last enemy on frontline! Let's go!

Project AFK Step #4: More and more heroes join us after battle, we can merge their power in Training Hall, help them break the limit of level and get more powerful skills, let's have a try!

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  • 2. Choose the hero to evolve, he will merge other heroes' power and become stronger.
  • 3. Hero tavern is opening, we can summon more heroes there, come have a look! There are many powerful heroes in normal Summon. Every 48 hours, you can get a free chance, remember to have a look often.
  • 4. Mischief - Increase damage to bleeding units, a powerful tool for passing stage. Nero - Damage reduction for ultimate kill, enhance basic attack, restrain burst lineup.
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