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Stand at ease, Airman. I’m captain Cheat-on. I need not remind you tat our work here at project blue book is classified. I’ll be testing your powers of observation. I want you to locate four objects in this room that are vital to our investigations. First tip, you’ll need coffee to start. Bottom are the objects you need to find.

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Time is a factor. Finding all of the objects before this combo meter runs out will greatly enhance your score. If you have a hard time finding an object you can use the hint camera. Active leads panel - conduct witness interviews or send objects to the lab for further analysis here. Your personal blue book notebook - record your clues, interviews and case reports here.

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Well done. I’m prepared to offer you a coveted post as a special investigator for project book. But i can’t tell you our mission until you’re fully onboard. Because i don’t take no for an answer. And from here on out, i’ll assume all of your responses are in the affirmative. Our nation is suffering from a form of mass hysteria, one we can’t afford. Not with Russia breathing down our necks and a nuclear arms race.

Project Blue Book wiki
Here at blue book we conduct field investigations into sighting of unidentified serial phenomenon. What the papers like to sensationalize as “flying saucers”. We’re headed to Oregon to interview some witnesses who probably saw some fireworks go off.
All right, what we know so far is the five friends, there men and two women, were out on boat, fishing and they were drinking. They all claim they saw a strange object in the sky. We’re going to interview two of the witnesses to get to the bottom of this. One’s a housewife, the other is a draftsman involved in research related to jet aircraft. He has top secret security clearance. Which witness shall we interview firs?

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  • 2. Ikh2ngtU3IRwp07 - hint
  • 3. StuPSJ62DvkRZsl - energy
  • 4. jXBN33XAVD8odjj - promo code
  • 5. H0ZenVuMvdyG4hy - gold
  • 6. 9ftahQI50ZxoE5P - new scenes
  • 7. VjU9oQ4xkEVkS6m - gem crystal (diamonds)
  • 8. zmnNJM9C15FUu21 - premium pack
  • 9. WqEcEPhkppuiH7h - chest
  • 10. JVygxroA9IxRuhd - vip ticket

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Drag and drop each of the four black outs on to the case pile to redact it.
  • After you investigate each clue or interview your notes are recorded in your notebook for later view.
  • Clues can take time to investigate. Looks like you’ve stumbled in to a mini game. Tap any two misplaced parts of the image to begin, and try to put puzzle.
  • If time is of the essence, you can speed up the investigation.

Project Blue Book tips
Tutorial Project Blue Book(wiki):
  • Time is money, so let’s speed this up by spending some coin.
  • Cases - here’s where we access new cases or replay scenes.
  • Mini game 2 will test your powers of observation. Select any two images to uncover them, and identify pairs that match in a timely fashion. Tap any image to start.

Project Blue Book tutorial

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