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Project Charon cheat world: it is the year 2230. The age of space conquest is over and galactic corporations rule the newly discovered worlds. Five years after the last war between private military organizations backed by powerful corporations, young men and women dreamed of becoming pilots for OrCop, a megacorp calling the shots in the Orion sector. Ron Sarracs was one of them. During a routine mission his ship crashed and the pilot didn't survive.

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OrCop retrieved what was left of his body from the wreckage. Before his brain cells died, scientists working for the corporation managed to transfer his consciousness to an experimental, neurotransmitter driven spaceship called ex-23. There, it was merged with a powerful artificial intelligence code named CAIA. The ship became his new body...

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Hi, i'm CAIA, your onboard combat artificial intelligence assistant. Please, accept my sympathy regarding your accient. We are about to commence a series of tests designed to calibrate your neural feedback and integrate your biological component with the ship. Please follow my instructions. Fly through the asteroid field to the target marked on your radar.
The secondary cannon is a light laser cannon. It is used to destroy small moving targets, such as enemy fighters. You have to look back to use the secondary cannon. Check your HUD for detailed instructions.

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The plasma cannon is an experimental plasma based military cannon, and the main weapon on your ship. It faces forward, and engages targets in front of the ship. This is a highly powerful weapon, able to destroy a typical fighter with 1 or 2 blasts. Check your HUD for further instructions. Approach the target. When it is locked by cannon press and hold lock button to lead ship on the target. When target is locked in the crosshairs press fire button.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: press mode button to change energy mode and switch rockets. The rocket launcher is a secondary weapon that contains guided rockets. It's extremely useful when facing heavy enemy units such as bombers, or when taking out elements of large vessels. The rocket will follow the target unit it hits it. Detailed information is displayed in your HUD. You can switch rockets and energy mode on the right side of your HUD.
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Tutorial Project Charon (wiki): You are about to perform your first short range hyperjump. I'm sending you the coordinates. To initiate the jump, turn your ship toward the jump coordinates marked as a blue triangle. Complete thrilling, diversified missions standing up against drones, enemy fighters, bombers, giant frigates, and destroyers. To defeat the most powerful foes, you will have to upgrade your ship until it becomes the ultimate killing machine.
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