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In 2018 biotechnology industry rises among our society. Europa’s highest grossing pharmaceutical company Seventh sanctum began clinical trial of their genetic engineering program. Subjects were offered the option to genetically design their children while in utero. Parents eager to create a “custom kid” signed up without thoroughly considering the consequences. They in turn inadvertently signed over the ownership and genetic material rights of their children to Seventh Sanctum.

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2036 in New Hong Kong a similar trial by rival pharmaceutical company Delta Corp has gone terribly wrong. In an effort to genetically alter adult humans a rapidly spreading cell degradation virus was created instead. Some believe it was experiments gone wrong others believe it may be by design. 2038 two years after Delta Corp’s failure Seventh Sanctum recalls upon a group of their custom kids to clear the infestation in new Hong Kong.

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Here are the available missions today. You can ask me if you want any available mission. Every member can be assigned with 8 missions at the same time. After finishing your mission, you can claim rewards through the mission list. Swipe on right side of the screen to look around. use the movement stick located at left side of the screen to move. Follow the arrow and move to the checkpoint. Press button/area to shoot. Tap the weapon icon to reload.
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Swipe on the weapon icon to switch weapon. Use the melee attack button to fight in close range. Try using melee attack to hit the two targets. use the grenade button to throw grenade. Tap the action button to evade. Hold the action button to sprint forward. Tap the action button while moving towards obstacle to vault. Tap the action button while moving towards obstacle to climb. Approach to the corner and tap the action button to take cover. Move to the edge of the cover and use shoot button to shoot behind cover.

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Welcome to your new home. At Seventh Sanctum we expect only the best from our recruits. You are hand picked after all. We called all of you because, today, you’re on street clean up. As you know, a few years back delta corp erred on an experiment once again, like they always do. These are SCUM. Shoot them, blow them up, knife them - i don’t care as long as they’re dead. B6LzDb - supply box
tq6VLT - treasure chest
NBD6xL - multiplayer
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