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Human, God world and Devildom which got out of danger from extinction had being Long Truce, but being attacked through crack of Dimension. To find piece of Imir what is symbol of peace King of rune - Midgard issued recruitment notice of adventurer, adventurers got on ship for going izlude.
You're the new adventurer, aren't you? It would be dangerous to leave the adventure alone. Let's take another adventurer's character share and take the adventure together. You can get share up to 4 characters. Now that we've got the adventurers' share.

Project Z cheats, hack codes

1. X2m4Xp21 - magic sandglass
2. BnZPJVvY - Nyango
3. Enter LIT8Rwf3 - spring ring
4. Pass PlF5DRfh - elunium
5. QjwufS78 - friend box
6. Enter zIxkv5yf - Zeny
7. 5BCEflND - gear box
8. zPF1KCfx - Oridecon
9. U5uyS0p0 - materials
10. KZPVtH17 - legendary gear
11. uMWpg5De - skill points
12. yUw7zSpM - maximum upgrade

Controls: you can learn skills now. Press the skill button. Choose the ability. Skill acquisition and upgrade is possible through level up button. It's completed by pressing that slot and mount the chose skill. Gear can be upgraded. Strengthens instantly with a single button,so try it. If you press "boss", a boss monster appears somewhere in the field. If you succeed to defeat the boss, you'll be able to move on to the next field.
Card can be mounted to gear. Press lifted slot to mount the card you want. For mount easily, auto mount can also be used.

Cheat code Project Z, skill information: combat mastery (any weapon) - attack power increases.
First aid - restore HP immediately. Recovery amount is increased as much as HP amount is more higher.

Project Z Hero tier list: if you choose desired job, it allows to check job details. Archer - it's a job that has smooth combat capability through long range attack using bow.
Thief - specialize on deadly attacks by fast attack and agile movement. Novice - they are those who wander without job but follow their dreams.
Magician - it's magic offensive job that uses 4 element magics to target enemies.

Project Z gift codes, hack, note.

Tips & tricks, android gameplay secrets:

Gameplay steps, Key Features, skills, hint:
  • 1. You can’t release the share when the MVP or boss exists.
  • 2. Events: exciting wheel - collect anniversary coin by hunting monster! Be stronger, adventurer - achieve target level and get gift. Clear monster operation - hunt monster and get generous reward. The best card collector - collect card to challenge limit of growth. Determine the best gear - produce good gear by gathering materials.
  • 3. Character incapacity of action - it's possible to upgrade mounting gear.

Project Z Gift redeem codes obtain deluxe pack:
1. 7mhsAfXVsxmnW1m
2. wYDk4sjWMRAIkhg
3. 8gxFWocp4iIp4NG
4. EGmB6nnYOu6hS6l
5. pKIZIQ9FdxVNKvf

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