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Welcome, we’re so excited that you’re with us to start this amazing journey. Before we meet our next clients, why don’t you help us wrap up the last room of our current project. Let’s head inside and take a look. As you can see, this space is dated and needs a lot of updating. Let’s take a look at our plans to tackle this renovation. Seems like we have a lot of work here, why don’t we get started?

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Tap and drag to remove old sofa. When selecting a sofa, it’s importans to pick one that fits the size of the space. Many homeowners forget to do a measurement check.
Floors are a chance to make a big statement in a home. By replacing the carpet and using the same flooring all across, we’re able to create the feeling of an open concept and improve the flow of the main floor.

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Let’s play a puzzle to get more coins! Tap on 2 or more matched blocks to collect them. Tap on 5 blocks at a time to create a bomb. Now tap the bomb to blast its neighbors. Dynamite (7 blocks) - blast even more blocks. Activate multiple bombs to charge up the fireworks.
When you’re tight on space adding a feature wall gives you a high impact visual that doesn’t take up a ton of square footage. An accent wall can really make a simple space extraordinary.
A new coat of paint can make a world of difference in updating and refreshing a room!
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A good rug is the foundation to a sophisticated living room. It’s important to make sure the rug is big enough for the space. The trick is to make sure every chair in the room has at least two legs in the rug.
When you add extra seating make sure it’s close enough to the sofa to facilitate conversation. YOu don't want to be yelling across the room to your quests.
A floor lamp really brightens up this corner where it used to get a little too dark. Spread out your lighting to keep the whole room feeling light and bright.

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  • You can always revisit the project vision by using the blueprint button.
  • Make a match next to a vase to collect it.
  • Large art is great because it adds a ton of depth and visual interest to the room, but keeps it from feeling too cluttered.
  • Small decorative elements can help add visual interest and personality to your design.
  • One of my favorite parts of any renovation is placing all the finishing touches. It completes the design and you really get an opportunity to add more personality.

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  • The coffee table is the center of the room, we want it to make a statement.
  • A sideboard gives you more storage space and a surface to display decorations and collections.
  • The side table is the perfect place to rest your cup while getting cozy on the couch.
  • A pouf makes for a great footrest or even extra seating of things get tight.
  • More light creates the appearance of more space.

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