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Welcome to new android/ios game. Collect and merge to get your favorite puppies. Merge characters to unlock new puppy. Swipe to merge. Wow! Another lovely puppy unlocked! Let's dp more! Fast tap to speed up. Unit shop is now open! Have a check. Achievement - here is a nice gift for you!

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hack Puppy Town Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): Slick puppy shop to buy Shiba inu here. Use auto merge - your unit will be automatically merged after watching video. It will last 3 minutes.

cheat Step #2: Use hack tools - unlock shibe inu, siberian husky, chihuahua, miniature schnauzer, beagle, standard poodle, boxer, rough collie, labrador retriever, miniature schnauzer, border collie, ger,an shepherd.

code Step #3: Merge puppies, collect lots of characters to collect, discover new units,

Puppy Town Step #4: Cute, because I love puppies of any kind, but battery consumption is extremely high - enter hack tools to fix it!! Great for relaxing down time. To the reviewers who complained they won nothing, it's called a "game", made to have fun with, NOT just "gimme, gimme" something. Perfect for kids and adults alike, there is nothing that gives you that warm, and fuzzy feeling like these adorable, playful puppies! This is a 4 ⭐ star👍😃 game for everyone!!

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