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Purify The Veil Game story: until one day, an Eclipse covered the Sun, Undead appeared and slaughtered thousands then disappeared. This became known as: The veil. It has been 20 years since this event and the wise men of your village predict another eclipse soon. You have been training for combat to avenge your parent’s who were both victims of the Veil. You were out in the forest and it went dark. The Veil has returned and the monsters have starting attacking again. Make your way back to town!

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Tiles are colored Green (tap on an area to move there). yellow (areas that can be interacted with, you can tap on an exit to immediately leave if you have killed all the monsters, you cannot run from boss monsters), red (blocked areas) and orange (enemies). No enemies alive in area? You can instantly travel to the exit. Tapping on a monster will attack it. Monsters + characters will counterattack when attacked by someone with the same attack range. Your defense and damage affect how much damage you take and deal. Watch out, if your HP reaches 0 you will die and lose some gold.

Purify The Veil cheats, hack codes

The enemy dropped an item, open your inventory and equip it. You can use special skills using the special icon. Special skills may have a different range then your normal attack. Special skills use MP and cannot be used when your MP is low.
Everytime you enter a city, your HP/MP is restored, your buffs/debuffs are removed and all fallen heroes will are brought back to life. Anytime you are away from your city, you can tap the portal icon to retreat back there.
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While you were away the dead invaded and destroyed most of the town, its up to you to rebuild it. In the tavern you can use gold to recruit new party members. Each character will have different stats and will learn different skills. Characters must be on the same act of the story to play together. After all your characters act, the enemies will get a turn. You can change the order in which characters act by using the next turn button. Every time you enter a room you must move at least once before you can attack an enemy.

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