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Puzzle Ark cheat world: you awake? are you ok? You passed out in the forest just now. We were worried that monsters would get you, so we rescued you. Although we've now been surrounded by a group of slimes. Did you say that you are an apprentice orb ranger? Orb rangers can clear orbs to make our attacks more powerful. This should allow us to break through the surrounding monsters. Match purple orbs and i'll fight.

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When the enemy's turn timer reaches 0, it will launch attack. Once your HP reaches 0, you will be defeated. matching 4 orbs into a line will make a rocket, swap it with the nearby orb. Double tapping will also detonate it. Collect 25 puerple orbs and hero can cast ultimate skill. Ultimate can deal damage to all the monsters. Dealing with these slimes is so tiring, it'd be great if we could gain more power or find a new teammate.

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Matching the orbs into an l shape can make a bomb, detonate it to clear orbs over a large area. Match four orbs with the same color into a square shape - make a lightning bolt, double tap to detonate it. Match different colored orbs to enable a hero of a specific class to attack. Swap a orb with a rainbow orb to clear all the orbs of that color on the screen.

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Use mana potions and gold to enhance the team. Swapping special orbs can multiply their power. You still need 3 stars to open the chest. Clear orbs nearby the firework box to fire fireworks at the enemy and inflict massive damage. The firewark box will automatically target the most powerful monster. You can fire multiple times by clearing more orbs, the damage inflicted is relative to your hero's attack power.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: drop the fairy hammer down to the bottom to stun enemies. The fairy hammer will automatically target the most powerful monster, and stun it for 2 turns. You can open one free chest after each certain period of time. With enough heroes, you can conduct breakthroughs to increase hero star limit.

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Tutorial Puzzle Ark (wiki): Hero: lion heart - the lord commander of the Malkuth kingsguard has strong physique and will. He is always ready to protect his partners and strike his enemies. Lion heart is a tank hero, he can make your team take more damage. His ultimate can stun enemies, stopping them from moving.
Midwood hunter - the young warrior from a tribe in the jungle is a marksman. His arrows could weaken armors or bring disaster to back line units.

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