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Was it sensible to go for a hunt? Rumor has it the woods are restless. The strongest warrior are with us. We’ve already cornered those boars. To attack the enemy, tap two or more tiles of the same color. Now tap four tiles to create a rocket. Tap the rocket to launch it. Now tap five tiles to create a bomb. Tap it to clear the tiles around.

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hack, Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): Tap on seven tiles to create a super bowl - removes all tiles of that color from the board. Tap on bomb or rocket in the combination to create a big explosion. You can still complete your move after applying the hero’s special ability.
Our general is seriously injured. The more refugees are coming to town talking about possessed animals and monsters. We need to fortify out town and start training the troops.
cheat, Step #2: First, hit the road and find out what the terror chases all people off to our town. Elements affect how much damage you do with attacks. Attack the nature enemy with ice. The attack is weak and only deals half the damage. With fire you’ll double the damage against nature.
Puzzle Blast code, Step #3: Tap the spotlighted tiles. Notice that you don’t have a hero of this color. If the team doesn’t have a hero of a certain color, tile damage of that color is equal to one. You can always find info about the elements in the upper left corner of the screen.
Step #4: These creatures are getting stronger. Let’s take people into town and find the heroes for our squad.
The stronghold is the main building of your city. It's a majestic landmark and an important functional institution that oversees building construction, resource gathering, troop development and all other areas. The stronghold level determines the level to which you may level up all other buildings.

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