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Puzzle Hockey cheat world: hi there! Welcome to new android game. I'm here to bring you up to speed on everything PHL. Before we head into your first game, let's create a team. Pick a logo for your team. And finally, your team colors. You're all set! Time to jum in and start your first league game. Feel free to change your team name, or try other logos and colors. When you're finished, press confirm.

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That's it! YOu're ready to start your journey in the PHL. Each league has a regular season, followed by playoffs. To advance to the next league, you need to earn enough experience points also known as XP. You earn XP by upgrading your players and winning playoff games. You need to earn 20 XP to advance to the next league. SO you're going to need to moster BOTH puzzle and hockey play if you want to win. The game board is at the bottom. This is where you match player icons to drive the on ice action above.

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YOur team is in the middle of the screen and your opponents are at the top. Still following? Good. Matching 3 or more player icons attacks your opponent, while filling up your player's power up bars. Attacking damages the opposing players' health bars. Knock out all their health to move up the ice, or earn a shot on goal. You can also select an opposing player you want to attack by tapping on them. Play starts on the Game board. Match 3 or more icons to get the game underway.

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YOu're about to be attacked! The number is the opposing player's attack counter. It counts down with every turn. If it reaches 1, they'll attack on the next turn. Ref whistle - it means the red is about to call a penalty! Remove it by matching icons next to it before its countdown timer hits zero. If you remove it, you earn a power play. If you don't, you'll be shorthanded. Wrapped icon - will give you a bomb blost. Trigger the blast by matching them with 2 or more of the same color icon. Match 2 special icons together to get on even bigger bomb blast.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: horizontal stripe icon - will give you a line blast. Trigger the blast by matching them with 2 or more of the same color icon. Matching 2 special icons together gives you an even bigger line blast. To take a shot, put a finger on the and swipe it towards the goal. To get the goalie moving, move the puck side to side before the shot line. Swipe quickly towards the top of the net for high shots. Once your finger crosses the shot line, the puck will release towards the goal.

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Tutorial Puzzle Hockey (wiki): when fully powered up, player card will start to flash. Tap the flashing card to activate it. Remember to keep the goalie guessing by moving the puck side to side before you shoot. Also, sometimes you'll have a teammate in front of the net. If you shoot the puck at them, they'll try and redirect the puck towards the net. It's a great way to score. Ice blocker - make parts of the board unusable until you smash them by matching icons next to the blocker. Red goal light - it appears when you match 5 icons in a straight line. Tap the red goal light at any time to get an instant breakaway.

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