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FZUOQ8 - soul
Ye3rCk - unlimited energy
83wKrE - instant completion ticket
VfL59c - awaken
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vyGFqO - legendary mercenary
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Dragon? How did the dragon appear in this small town? There are monsters! In the stage information window, you can check monster information and reward item information. When you use item growth, you gain additional items, gold and experience. You can get more rewards by using the item increase ticket, experience increase ticket, and gold increase ticket shown at the top. Instant tickets let you complete the stage instantly. However, it cna only be used on stages that have already been completed.

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Connect three puzzles to damage the enemies. The more puzzles connected, the more damage you can do to monsters. If you select a skill, you can check the skill ability and register the selected skill in the skill slot. Skill include active skills and passive skills. First, choose the first of the active skills. If you select a skill, you can see detailed information through the upper skill window. Skill points can be earned through level up or purchase.

Puzzle and Hero cheats, hack codes

You can strengthen your skills through the skill points you have. Reset can reinforce the skill. To fight a dragon, you need weapons and armor. The equipment items obtained by killing the monsters are in the bag. You can check the character’s stats through the details. Bag expansion allows for more bag space. Bulk sales allow you to sell equipment items all at once. This is enough to fight the enemy, no big problem.
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All equipment items cna be enhanced up to 20 times. Combining two 20 strength items will create a higher rank item. Items that have been enhanced 20 times can be upgraded to higher ranks using upgraded seats. Disassemble the item to get the item of material. You can earn gold by selling items you don’t need. Register gems on items to increase their stats. Try wearing armor items the same way.

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2 4IuFd4 stat point
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5 L8z4jh gift box
6 r9WkLI gold coins
7 gDfByH month card
8 WGzYVf premium pack
9 0a6Iil legendary gear
10 aD7gNS vip ticket
11 5u6s3b gear pack

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There are four areas to explore, and each area has a different time to explore, so make your choice. The number of rewards you can earn depends on the exploration time. The rewards information will show you the material items you can obtain from the exploration area. Upgrade your exploration area to get more material items. FH1aaV - supply box
X3fxjN - treasure chest
r0aQoZ - multiplayer
rDQkP4 - vip status
SmFdzc - star tokens
Hack I9iZGv - artifacts
Cheat XsfBCC - evade
Y6fX5s - elite ticket
L9buZP - exchange cheat code

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