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You know, when most people hear that there’s a dangerous monster in the forest, they take that as a warning to stay inside. If there are monsters in the forest, it’s up to us to keep the town safe! Use hack tools - it will give you the strength to protect yourself from elementals. Take it in your hands, and i will teach you as we go!

Controls: We will begin with the Tryplex basics. Match at least three gems of the same color to make a hero attack. The yellow gem shows that i am of the earth element, so i will attack when you match yellow gems. The gem next to Alina’s health bar is blue for water, so you need to match blue gems for Alina.

Puzzle Battle cheats, hack codes

1. CyvmsU2k - supreme summon
2. So8Vv2Ne - friendship points
3. Enter orteZQ4i - diamonds
4. Pass NPN6ZZff - treasure
5. yevHTeD3 - shards
6. Enter ssanipUb - legendary SSR hero
7. rTCBJNsL - gold coins
8. KyeKCxSD - maximum upgrade
9. neKhft2h - campaign point
10. EN3HgL10 - hero fusion
11. eQAuxC20 - big adventure rune
12. Gshhf21 - unlimited energy

Puzzle Battle Battle: matching gems also charges up energy for that hero's most powerful skills. Everyone has a connection to one of the four elements - earth, fire, water, and air. The tryplex is a conduit. It forms bonds with people, then channels elemental power from nature into them. It is an artifact of great power, crafted a thousand years ago during the war of the Gods. It is the last of its kind, kept safe by the Chronicle keepers. It was mine for a time. There is more to learn. Try matching four gems in a row. Matching more than three makes a star gem. Use it in a match to unleash a star skill. Use cheats codes, matching five gems in an L or T shape will create even more star gems.

Hero: every hero has a different active, star, and passive skill. As you grow stronger, you'll bond with many heroes with different skills. Swap the prism gem with any gem to instantly activate all gems of that color.

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Gameplay steps, Key Features, skills, hint:
  • 1. Keep matching and complete the goals. You can assemble helpers by passing the level.
  • 2. You can also double click the booster. Make a square shape by matching four pieces, you got a new booster boomerang. You can create more than a bomb with five pieces.
  • 3. A rainbow blast! With this booster, you can remove all the same colored pieces after a swap. Combine a ranbow

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