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Puzzle Combat Game controls: the falcon force is on a top secret mission! The heroes make a daring leap to escape. Far from the enemy base, the heroes finally manage to find a resting place. Match 4 tiles to create a row missile. match 2x2 tiles for a cross bomb, five tiles for a super grenade. The falcon force arrive back to their aircraft carrier. I’ve heard rumors of an abandoned military base on a faraway island. We can build a new army there. We need a lot of extra power to defeat the cobalt army.

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The falcon force discover the military base in the island and start setting up a new base of operations. First we need more metal to expand the base. Tap to build on an empty area. Skipping the wait time usually costs gold, but at the beginning of the game it’s free. We need room to hold the metal - storage. Metal is used to construct and upgrade buildings. Quarters hold recruits. Recruits can be trained into heroes. The quarters gives us more room for recruits. Now we can start growing our army.

Puzzle Combat cheats, hack codes

Let’s summon a hero. The falcon force has a good reputation. I’m sure we’ll find some great heroes to help us. Combat: the number next to the enemy health indicates how soon the enemy will attack. We must win all the stages in each area to counter their plans. Elements affect how much damage you do with attacks. Perform a blue attack against the green enemy. The attack is weak and only deals half the damage. You can always find this information in the top left corner of the screen.
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Use the elements to your advantage. Hit a weaker element for double damage. Use special skills when they are ready! Your weapons can greatly affect how well your heroes perform in battle. Weapons increase the power of the heroes. Collect and equip powerful weapons to ensure your victory! Bottom bar - hero’s special skill is field aid. Use it to recover the health of everyone in the team!

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