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Miracles have been happening here since ancient times. Eudemon living together side by side for centuries. Magical Eudemons and humans became close partners. Start from a small egg. Start for a dreaming boy. Start form the original story. Make friends with your Eudemon and grow it. Adventures are waiting for you. Explore the new uncharted lands.

Puzzle Eudemon Tales hack

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Fuse 8 or more blocks to form a cross. Fuse 5-7 blocks to form a roller. Tap on elemental blocks with corresponding colors to trigger the corresponding Eudemon’s attack. Tap on 5 identical elemental blocks to synthesize Roller randomly. Roller will remove the whole column/row of elemental blocks. Elemental blocks that were removed will trigger corresponding Eudemon group attack. Tap on 8 or more identical elemental blocks to form a cross.

Puzzle Eudemon Tales cheats, hack codes

When characters mana is full, tap on hero avatar to release abilities. No one can stop the greatest trainer of all. I’m going to take on the one described in the legends. When two rollers are in the same direction, the roller being hit will change direction and blast more elemental blocks. Pick the right moment during battle to accumulate enough special rollers. Triggering multiple roller explosions can form a combo effect. The more blocks eliminated at a time, the stronger combo effect.
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Combo can speedily accumulate mana. Home crystal - there is an independent Eudemon home inside. Go and build your home now. We will first restore the dream isle. Tap on a square to unlock new land. We need ore to construct more buildings. Tap on an empty square to start construction. Construction that takes less than a certain amount of time can be speed up for free. The number near the enemy health bar indicates how many rounds are left before the enemy attacks.

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